Jul 6, 2009


So there I was, minding my own business, when I decided to settle in for my daily dose of stitchy blog reading. I do this every day, but I have now tried to use this time as a reward for when I actually accomplish something more than finishing my first cup of coffee in the morning. (Amazing how you can sit down to start looking at them and suddenly it's 3pm!).

Anywhoose....I was blown back in my chair by Ms. Stitch Bitch Her Very Self's Blog and the last few posts and discussions about art vs. craft and other things. I was immediately riveted, especially since I had to read and then re-read everything about ten times before my silly-assed brain could comprehend it.

Y'all should probably know that at one time I was actually capable of carrying on an adult conversation that included more than my now ever-present "woo hoos" and "anywhooses". I actually read books and wrote papers and understood more than a handful of big words. I could intelligently offer an opinion about something, defend a thesis, and even constuct a proper paragraph without needing the grammar checker thingie on the computer.

What the hell happend to me? My brain is now mush and I seem to be operating on the Kelly Bundy method of life (you know....if a new thing goes into my brain then an old thing needs to come out since there's only so much room in there). I am, in short, dumber than a bag of hammers.

Oh well. I suppose that every village needs an idiot, so.... here I am!

Stitching this weekend was made easy by the use of a floor stand. I haven't been very good about using one, especially since I didn't think it was compatible with the Happy Chair, but it turns out that I can adjust one of the arms to fit me just perfectly! (Why I didn't know this before is beyond me, but I highly recommend that the maker of these stands invests in an instructional video so that stitchers like me don't buy the darn things and then leave them up in their studios with dust on them because they don't know that you can move the arm thigie this way and that so that your needlework project sits in front of you properly and not on your boobs.)

Here's LJP's "Star Spangled Quilt":

I really love the colors Laura used for this...Watercolors "Flame"and "Night Sky". The metallic that I used is Kreinik 1/16th ribbon and I actually used my laying tool and got it nice and flat (gasp with astonishment if you must). I've enjoyed working on this so much that I think I'll keep going until it's finished. Then, if I really get my act together, I'll take it for framing rather than adding it to my too-large "finished, but unfinished" pile.

That's the report from Chez Spinster today, kids. I'm going to go sit down and try to think intelligent thoughts for a bit. This, of course, will mean that a nap will be required before I can even think about finishing the rest of the day.

"I wonder who my Mommie blamed for making her stupid before I came along?"


  1. I'm glad I seem smart because frankly I've been feeling really dumb and directionless lately. And still in my pajamas at 3pm. Think big thoughts no matter how sleepy they make you!

  2. Since I retired my brain is "mushy-er" than it use to be but who cares...my DH?? My 2 cats??? LOL

    Glad you found some "inspiration" and you're back to stitching :)

  3. I am just like you I come to the computer and start reading stitching blogs and before I know the hours have passed. Think of everything I could stitch if I weren't so busy with stitching blogs.

  4. Glad to see I am not the only one still in p.j.'s and its 1pm here,,,and I have you all beat,,I have my stitching at my computer..I am listening to Moody blues stitching and reading blogs,,,such a wonderful life...have a wonderful week...you to stewey...

  5. Your blog made me laugh (and cry) at the same time. I feel so like you. I used to work, could do budgets, never needed the spell checker for media brochures, ran a large group of people, recruited and interviewed people for placement - now I'm lucky if I can find my you-know-what with both hands. And it scares me that I might not be able to carry on an adult conversation. Being out of the work force and raising kids makes you feel so dumb sometimes - like all I have to talk about it the Twilight book series my daughter's reading and my son's Xbox. I read Anna's blog too and it was just too far over my head (although I didn't have much coffee yet). I'll have to go back and take it word for word....slowly. I love the Kelly Bundy analogy, btw.

    Your needlepoint piece is looking really great though. I'm glad that you finally were able to settle on something to stitch!

  6. I knew I was in trouble once and needed to get back into adult company when my children were very young; when I was in a car with a couple of girlfriends on a girly day out and from the back seat I pointed and called out "OOOOOOOO looook, train!" (please imagine 3 syllables on that last word too!)
    They just turned and looked at me and shook their heads.
    My boys are now 11 & 16 and now that I'm back to work, relish work hours so my brain can be active again. Although - some saturday's I do find myself stuck in blog-land.

  7. I am not so much afraid of dumbing down because of my at-home situation (my son is at school for most of the day and goes to bed about two hours after he comes home), but I have to take extra good care to keep the bodice-ripping vocabulary and heaving bosoms far from my blog.
    Having said that, I think your blog is excellent entertainment, whether you think what you have to say is dumb or not (I don't think it is, by the way) (So there).

  8. Now, you'e scaring me since I will be retiring in the next year or two. There are days, I'd be glad to give up the staff management, budgets, etc.

    I know you are a very intelligent person -- someone with your wit and writing skills can't be anything but intelligent. You are such a treat!

  9. Coni,I have had a chart reader attachment for my System 4 for a few years and deemed it stupid and a waste of money, because it just wouldn't stay put. It moved all the time and didn't work the way I felt it should. Last week, while doing some surfing, I discovered a picture of it on system 4's website and discovered, I was using it upside down. It's amazing how well it works NOW. Of course when I told my dogs that I had been using it wrong, they just all laughed at me and said "Mommy, we've been telling you that since you brought it home from the stitchy store."

  10. Beautiful progress Coni! I love it!! :)

  11. We all need Kelly Bundy time. So if you sometimes say anywhoose in your blog and mine occasionally sounds like year two show and tell....It is just fine! We all need down time.

  12. I rest my stitching on my boobs every time I want to snip off the last of the thread. I suspect the real reason there aren't more men stitchers is because they don't have the nice convenient shelf that we women have!

    Thanks for the laugh1
    Dancing with Pussycats

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  14. ROFLMBO! The pic and phrase with Stewey is a riot! I blame my cats! And working from home too. LOL Love the quilt! Gorgeous piece. How will you finish it?