Jul 13, 2009


I'm not sure what has come over me, but today found me in my closet with the vacuum cleaner in hand and a ruthless determination to clean that sucker to within an inch of it's life. Mission accomplished, but I am so tired and sore that it will be a miracle if I make it out of the Happy Chair tonight.

(As with everything else in my life, it would seem that I am proverbially behind with the whole Spring Cleaning thing. By about six years.)

(And yes, in case you were wondering...those are indeed my mumus hanging on the back of the door. One must have something colorful in which to laze about now, mustn't one?)

(The Snoopy picture is actually a puzzle that Aunt Chrissy and I put together one night long ago. I ModPodged it and look at it every day wondering how I could turn that into a needlepoint canvas. Wouldn't that just be the coolest?)

Since I finished my LJP last night, I have to head up to the studio to paw through my baskets to see what's next on the stitchy agenda. I'm waffling between picking up a cross stich (maybe a Shepherd's Bush?) or a painted canvas (maybe the Cooper Oaks floral?) or another counted canvas design (how about AmyBear's Fascination?). Isn't it a crying shame that this will be the most important thing I have to decide today?

I seem to remember a fabulous rotation system that I swore to abide by several months ago. What the hell happened to THAT? And the best part is that instead of feeling like a schmuck because I abandoned the darn thing, I just kind of went "eh" in my head and moved on. Man, am I a paragon of discipline, or what? Good thing I never had kids, or they'd be running around with scissors while paying in traffic with plastic bags over their heads. Sheesh.

Stewey wanted me to thank you all for the suggestion that he listen to the Harry Potter books on his iPod. He has decided to read them on his Kindle instead so that he will feel adequately prepared to advance to the next reading grade level in the Fall. Besides, he's convinced that somebody is eventually going to have to be in charge around here, and if there are any directions needing to be read upon my demise, he wants to be fully prepared. Damn dog.


  1. Great closet cleanup, I'm impressed and all that definitely entitles you to a day or even TWO in the happy chair. Just decide on a project to stitch before you sit down. And a mumu seems like required attire. Stewey can play with his new Kindle, lucky dog. CJ ok;-)

  2. I love it - a Snoopy puzzle on the closet wall! Closets are often deprived of decorating and I'm sure it brings a smile to your face as you waltz in there to pick out a muu muu. Glad to see you are back in a stitchy frame of mind and obviously feeling better after the alleged baseball bat incident. Happy stitchy chair time.

  3. Holy Shmoley - the bedroom and now the closet?!? You deserve a cookie, a klondike, a standing O, and all the studio time you can stand. I'm in lust with your LJP patriotic finish, btw. Beautiful! :-* BIG KISS FOR STEW-MAN.

  4. Stewey has a Kindle and I don't? **** Dog!!

    Love the organization and cleaning you've been doing! Looks awesome.

  5. Aside from the fact that it's beautifully organized, you absolutely have the Closet To Die For! All that space....::sigh::

  6. Looks Great !!! Bedroom and closet, I envy you. I want to twinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched !!! It does not work.. Oh pooh... April

  7. Oh wow - I am green with envy at that wonderful closet. I can see the gleam of your halo from here!! Well done to you and Stewey

  8. Good girl! Closet cleaning is on the agenda here, too, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I'm trying to think of you as my inspiration. I want my closet to look as nice as yours.