Jul 14, 2009


"Today, I celebrate zee Frensch. I'm going to oui on zee drapes."

My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy making me French Toast for my brunch. I read that it is Bastille Day today, so I thought it only fitting that we celebrate accordingly.

My only comment about yesterday's post is that I am MORTIFIED that she decided to share pictures of our closet with you all. If you look closely, you will see that all of MY clothes and accessories are stored in a PLASTIC BIN on the top shelf. PLASTIC!

Doesn't' this woman know what PLASTIC will do to cashmere?

Enjoy your day, people. I'm off to find my little beret!



  1. I fed French toast to my son this morning, completely forgetting about any connection with July 14th!

  2. Oh Miss Spinster I just found your blog today and I think I'm in love! I absolutely adore your bottles of thread at the top of the page. ADORE. Your writing cracks me up. My dog is a 12 pound poodle named Seamus and I crochet as much as I cross stitch. You can read more about me at www.sarahneverstops.blogspot.com. Happy Stitching!!!!

  3. Monsieur Stewey...you are one pampered pooch!! C'est pas??

  4. Stewey you are too much! You're lucky you have a special mama! LOL

  5. Stewey, Stewey, Stewey....don't you know the only way to have things exactly how you want them is to go help your mum?

  6. Oh my...I know this comment is really late (as in 4 months late) but I just found your dog...er blog. the "oui on ze drapes" is cracking me up. Bless you and Stewey both!

    As for your stitching...wow! You have a lot more finishes than I could ever manage...and how do you find something to write about nearly every day? Amazing!

    I WANT to do that Star Sp[angled Quilt thingy...Oh, how I want it!!!