Jul 13, 2009


Today I had the bright idea that it was time to clean my bedroom. I mean really clean. Like move the bed and everything.

Now for most people this wouldn't be a very big deal, but for me it meant a call to Aunt Chrissy to ask her to come over to help me with the big girl sleigh bed. I love my bed, I really do. It was my first purchase as a real grown-ass adult and I loved it the moment I saw it. But it's big. Really big. And heavy too.

Within seven seconds, Aunt Chrissy had rummaged through the laundry room cabinets to find the slidy-discy thingies that I bought on impulse from QVC about ten years ago. Then after she channeled her inner Incredible Hulk, she lifted each corner of the big girl sleigh bed and stuck one of the slidy-discy thingies under it. MAGIC! Woo Hoo! I was able to slide the whole bed around as if it was gliding across a frozen pond.

Seven hours later and I can honestly say that every nook and cranny of that room has been adequately cleaned, polished, and spiffed up to within an inch of it's life:

(Oh, holy crap! I forgot that the coverlet is still in the dryer! So you can see my crappy bed-making skills and a messy blanket hanging over the edge! Oh no! Please don't tell Martha!)

The real reason I wanted to show you this picture was so that you could see the slidy-discy thingies. See?

After a quick trip to the grocery store (avocados were on sale, don't you know), I settled in for the night with LJP's "Star Spangled Quilt" and....woo hoo for me!.....finished it! I am so tickled with this finish. Now if I can just figure out what to do with it:

Laura J. Perin
"Star Spangled Quilt"
18ct. mono canvas
Watercolors, DMC #5 perle cotton, Kreinik 1/16th ribbon

Well, the clock is telling me that it's time to find a pillow. Stewey has been a real trooper during the cleaning festivities today, so I want to spend a little cuddle time with him before I pass out. He asked me to start reading the Harry Potter books to him, but I think we'll need to start them tomorrow night. Mommie's tired.

(And yes, I do read to my dog every night. Methinks it's why he's smarter than I am.)


  1. I love that design...you did a great job.

  2. The quilt is beautiful!
    I have been planning attacking our bedroom and clean it through and through. I also want to put on new wallpapers since the old ones are ripped and torn. Maybe next week when my summer vacation starts. :)

  3. That is a beautiful piece of stitching, I love the design, colours and your perfect stitching on it.

  4. I am thinking it should be a tray bottom under glass.....Dark/Navy Blue Tray.....

  5. I love those slidy-discy thingies, I have 4 myself, also from QVC, they are magic. Moved my bookselves with the books still in them. Your Star Spangled quilt finish looks great, congrats. May make a great pillow to put out during the summer months, whatever you do it will be lovely. The reading must be it, because Stewey is the smartest dog I know of. CJ ok;-)

  6. Will you take Stewey to see the Harry Potter movie too ?

  7. What a gorgeous finish! And don't you just love the way it feels to have every last thing around you utterly cleaned?

    Clean it, girl. Clean it goooooood.


  8. Love your sleigh bed and your finished stitchy! It turned out great!

    You need to get Stewey his own collection of HP movies :) He can watch one if mommie is too tired to read to him...or how about books on tape?? I can just see him with his headphones or ear buds listening to it...LOL

  9. "seven hours later.."?? What time did you start cleaning?? it's only noontime here on the east coast.. I am in awe of your energy! And in even more awe of that beautifully stitched piece.

  10. Oh, I love your bed! I love my bed also. I waited for many years to buy it, and now I sit and lie on it and feel like a princess. Good job on cleaning your room, girl!

    Love your new LJP finish. It's a beauty.

  11. Those slidey-discy things are the BEST! When my mother moved from the old house to an apartment, we re-arranged the living room/dining room about 6 times before she was satisfied- and even I could move the buffet and breakfront alone!

    QVC rocks!

    Great stitching!

  12. Star spangled quilt is just awesome! If you are too tired to read to Stewey, let him listen to the audiobooks!!!

    I confess, I haven't read all of the novels. My kids have -- they also have tickets to see the movie at 12:15am. They want to be first to see it.

    Enjoy the day

  13. Great finish! It turned out beautiful looking forward to seeing what is next!

  14. What a gorgeous design! It looks like it's quilted. A great finish!!

  15. I'm a painted canvas person myself, but I love Laura Perin's designs and you did a tremendous job on this one!

  16. Stewey, A new project for your Mom. Knowing her love of pears, Melissa Shirley has a beautiful pear canvas with heavenly stitch guide. I will keep you posted. My Mom started this project tonight, I pray all goes well! By the way your Mom's quilt is awesome! Give your Mom a little break today and don't pee on the drapes. I am on my best behavior this week as the big Reliant Park dog show is here in Houston for 4 days. If I am on my best little Schnauzer behavior I know I will get lots of new goodies this weekend. Your friend, Bella Rose

  17. Inspiration. A cleaning frenzy needs to get started at our house. Love your bed.

    Also, love your LJP finish! It's gorgeous.