May 5, 2009


So there I was, minding my own business, when I decided to start watching the eleventy-seven hundred movies I've recorded on the DVR thingie. Before hitting "play", however, I decided to pick up Cherry Cordial to see if I could make a major push toward home on this one while watching "P.S. I Love You".

Mistake. Big mistake.

Jeffrey. Dean. Morgan. In Ireland. With an accent. And stubble. And artsy fartsy rings and bracelets that I normally wouldn't like on a man, but oh hubba hubba, these somehow worked for me and I had to go get a cold compress for my head.

So I've decided that I need to move to Ireland because I am convinced that there's a Jeffrey Dean Morgan waiting for me in one of the pubs and that he'll take one look at me and say "Now there's the woman I've been waiting for my entire life", and "I bet she'll really love living on my thousand acre estate that includes a needlework shop and rose garden. And indoor swimming pool."

In the event that you haven't noticed, I go into a stream-of-consciousness overdrive whenever I talk about men that make my heart go pitty pat. I'm not sure if it's the Spinster in me, or the particular place I presently occupy in the vestibule to menopause hell, but let's just say that my typing can barely keep up with the thoughts racing around in my head (and boy are they racy) and I get all flustered and sweaty and then I have to go sit down quietly until it passes.

And how stupid is it that my comment on this movie was over Jeffrey. Dean. Morgan. and not the lovely story or the weepy-ness of it all. Am I losing my sentimental edge?

But I will say this for ya', Ireland.....y'all sure have some pretty scenery over there. If your country is half as beautiful as it looked in this movie, I can't imagine why anybody would want to live anyplace else. I, for one, think I would especially like it there because it looked cool and damp. I do pretty well in cool and damp. It's the hot and humid that gives me the vapors.

So not much stitching to report, folks, but I do intend to turn off this silly machine and get back into that Happy Chair this afternoon and go to it. I might even put "You've Got Mail" on the TeeVee so that I'm not tempted to sit and drool the day away.

Oh Wait. "You've Got Mail" makes me drool over her apartment. And her life. And her perfect little twin sets and skirts and her great haircut.

Maybe I'll just listen to the radio.

Stewey will be out of his doghouse (tee hee! dog house! he's a dog!) soon. He brought a lovely breakfast tray into me today, complete with a damn good cup of coffee and a lovely scone. Methinks he's finally got the message that....EYES DE BOSS AND HEES DE BOSSEE.

Happy Cinco de Tuesday!


  1. Wow, Cherry Cordial is beautiful!

  2. Your post made me crack up! And your needlepoint piece is looking wonderful! I'm a huge needlepoint fan and really need to get back to doing that!

  3. Oh yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is quite the hottie. OMG, I cried when he got written off Grey's Anatomy. But I loved PS I Love You...stubble, brogue...definitely my weaknesses. *sigh* Cherry Cordial is beautiful!

  4. I feel you sister. Mr. Morgan is at The TOP of my list, where Mr. Clooney used to be for oh so very long. Cherry Cordial is Stunning! I love your canvas work. Never played with it much but you are definitely moving me in that direction!

  5. I love your new'll probably have them filled in no time....
    absolutely gorgeous (as usual) work....

  6. I don't know this Mr Morgan of whom you speak, but I want Meg Ryan's life in "You've got Mail" - I love her outfits & adorable upper west side studio apartment.

  7. Okay, I'm NOT a stalker (um, yet...) but I stumbled across this article in February about JDM's recent home purchase. He's actually living a lot closer to (my) home than Ireland. I guess I better get moving fast on the stalking gig, since he's already listed it for sale ( It could be yours for a mere $1,995,000 or only $8,553 per month (with excellent credit and a 20% down payment). You know you want it.... Looking at the street view on Zillow (which still shows the house that was there before), it looks like it may be overimproved for the neighborhood, so you might be able to talk him down some on the price. The birds eye view pics are interesting, 'coz they show the various stages of demolition and rebuilding when you click on the different directions.

    Cherry Cordial is looking great, BTW.

  8. Hey there Ms.Spinster- moving to Ireland to find a man with a brogue is MY idea! And if he has stubble, all the better.
    You are so correct on the scenery; I took my Mom 2 years ago this week to the western side of the old country and it was heavenly. It was then that I hatched my plan to win the big jackpot in the lottery, move to Ireland, and buy a big house to entertain all my friends & family.
    Do you wanna come with me?! ;^)
    Cherry Cordial looks lovely.

  9. I have the solution for you! Eileen Bennett of Sampler House is taking a group of stitchers to Ireland in September. You can have superb stitching AND keep an eye out for Mr. Morgan.

  10. You made my day. Loved your recent posts! Stewie at the Derby! Too bad he lost his winning ticket.

    Hope your finger is doing better. Ouch.

    I agree, Ireland looks fabulous. And ditto for the hotties.

  11. Hi Coni,
    I used to live in Dublin and miss it soooooo much! It really is as beautiful as you think. The people are wonderful too.
    I love your stitching project!

  12. I'm in love too. But not with your mate Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I really need Cherry Cordial.

  13. I have to have a hankerchief for tears and drool when I watch P.S. I love you. I adore Jeffrey Dean Morgan! I said to my husband I will leave with Jeffrey in a heart beat when he comes for me (which of course is only a matter of time :D). For some reason my husband doesn't feel threatened...weird. :)
    Your stitching looks gorgeous!

  14. I love Ireland. Just sitting on a bench or in a pub, listening to people talk, is pure entertainment. If you find an Irish man suitable for someone older than you, please send him my way.

  15. Loved your post! I sat down to watch Ps I Love You thinking I wasn't going to love it because I'm not a huge romance movie fan, but OMG!! as soon as I saw Jeffrey on the screen I was hooked, totally loved the movie, and like Srinity would leave my husband in a heartbeat if Jeffrey sang to me in a bar. Love Ireland too, my Grandad was from there and I would love to visit one day.