May 4, 2009


Stewey can't come to the blog right now. He's grounded. Forever. I won't air our family laundry in public, but let's just say that Mommie Dearest is not very happy about the attitude we've been experiencing around here lately. So I put the proverbial foot down and decided to just be. the. mom.

I re-started LHN's "My Needle's Work", but got so bored with it that I almost fell asleep with the needle in hand:

So I did what any rational person would do. I woke up and fretted over it for about an hour and a half and then decided to...wait for it....just stitch something else! Whew! For a minute there you thought I was going to say that I just gave up and went to bed, weren't you? Well, I didn't. I picked up something else. So there.

"Shepherd's Spring" is coming along nicely, and I might even get this one finished and into a frame before the end of the week! The linen is a little different than the linen that I usually use, so I'm learning how to adjust a bit, but this sure is fun to stitch! I highly recommend these long samplers if you want variety and the chance to stitch with beautiful silks:
I also recommend trying a canvas work piece if you'd like to transition from cross stitch to needlepoint. Here I thought I was some kind of genius in thinking about how one might progress as a stitcher (cross stitch on Aida, cross stitch on linen, canvas work, painted canvas, hardanger, crewel, etc. etc.), when I see that Debbie Rowley is actually teaching a class on this very subject at the summer market in Columbus!

This, of course, makes me want to run right over to Laura J. Perin's website and order every single chart that I don't already own and start stitching them immediately. I am particularly lusting over "Pineapple Quilt", "Cut Glass Dishes" and "Bargello Roses", so we'll see how long I can hold out before I go get myself in major trouble. (Besides, I have Stewey's allowance in my pocket and since he's NOT GETTING IT THIS WEEK, I just might go treat myself a bit.)

I had a bit of a mishap while making fajitas last night. I was practicing my knife skills and ended up doing a number on the naughty finger on my left hand. Fortunately, this in no way impedes my stitching, so please don't cry for me Buffalo: The funny thing about this is that I was thinking to myself "Gee, if I was a contestant on Food Network, they would be talking about how carefully I'm julienning these peppers and then maybe Chef Robert Irvine would immediately be attracted to me and then I would be able to meet him in person and say "Hello, Darling! You're my very favorite Valentine" and then we would go to dinner and have wine and talk about food and art and books and life and perhaps I would be able to entice him to go see a movie or a play or something else in the performing arts and we would stroll the streets of New York together hand in hand and live happily ever after the end."

And that's when I cut my finger off. (Well, almost anyway.)


  1. Kiss Kiss for the boo boo

  2. I got a chuckle out of your post about being the mom! Been there done that. Just came across your blog and it's great to see another SB fan. Hope the boo-boo gets better.

  3. I know I shouldn't laugh... but...
    the stream of consciousness bit is just too funny LOL :)

  4. You Go, MOM. And treat yourself a bit, with all you've been through lately and with Mr. Stewey his very self acting up--you deserve to treat yourself. Perhaps another Sb kit? Try Fair Philomel--the garden at the bottom is to die for!

  5. Yes and maybe Robery would kiss it and bandage you all up!!! LOL Don't you just love dreams!!


  6. I do enjoy your blog. I can't help but to laugh at your story telling. I hope your finger heals quickly. Happy stitching!

  7. beautiful stitching
    as usual
    stewey is a rascal

    smiles from texas

  8. p.s. have the sheperds bush
    "grace" kit but have been reluctant ot start due to the many different stitches
    but if you say fun
    well....okay...i will put it o the q snaps soon

  9. Good to see you making decisions to just move on and work on something different, saves wasting precious sewing time on something that isn't going to get done now! Glad you didn't injure an important sewing finger. Happy crossing.

  10. okay i got the kit out
    it is titled "glad tidings" not grace
    probably need grace to finish it without expletives
    those different stitches are crazy
    but i suppose one has to leap forward sometime
    thanks for the motivating mojo

    here goes

  11. Hi Coni,


    And yes it's rough being a Mom. :-)

    Several years ago when my DD was in Middle School, she did something (can't remember what now so it wasn't horrible), that had me so mad I couldn't see straight! My mother told me I couldn't put her in jail the rest of her life. My answers: "Yes I can, just watch me!". LOL!

    She's growing up into a wonderful young lady and her brother is growing up to be a wonderful young gentlemen so we must be doing something right!

    At least your BooBoo isn't on your stitching hand! {{{Hugs}}}

    Love all of the recent project updates! :-)

    Windy Meadow

  12. Oh my. I LOVE your blog.... you make me LOLOL each and every time. And, you'd better tell lil Lord FauntlerStewey that while I certainly enjoy his little posts, it is yours and your stitchy pics I love the most. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Stewey (but don't let your mom catch you!)!

  13. I think we all have to put our foot down and be The Mom! Don't ground Stewey for to long, we will miss him.

  14. yikes - take care of the naughty finger! Lovely stitching on your SB piece.

    Tell Stewey I said hi.

  15. Oh my on the bird finger...yikes...gave me the willies!
    Have you seen the finish I did for a lady on her My Needlework...gorgeous, well I don't mean to sound like my finish is gorgeous, I mean to sound like her stitching and the finish she chose...gorgeous. I'm just the facilitator not the maker ;)

  16. Daydreaming and food prep are a dangerous pair! LOL! Take care!

    (I hope your dinner tasted great and that you didn't get any bits of finger or fingernail in your mouth! )

  17. Nice manicure! But that boo boo must hurt.

    Isn't it fun to be on a SB roll?