Apr 28, 2009


Stewey and I are out of synch today Methinks it's because I have been one day off for the last two weeks. I showed up for Thursday appointments on Wednesday of last week and it's been all down hill ever since.

I am pleased to report, however, that stitching hums right along on Shepherd Bush's "Garden Gate". I am enjoying every single stitch of this one and am really tickled that I might even finish it this week! Woo Hoo!

Edited to add: Damn! I keep forgetting that you can click on these pictures and enlarge them. This sad fact means that you can REALLY see that I am not allowed to use an iron without proper adult supervision....sorry for the wrinkles, kids.

Aunt Chrissy and I spent some time in the studio over the weekend organizing, so my basket is full of ten projects that I want to play with for a while. I thought I would do a little challenge with myself and not start anything new until these projects were completed, but who the heck am I kidding? So I'll just play with these until I get bored and then we'll start all over with another ten projects in the basket. And so it goes. Sigh.

What's in the basket, you ask? Well, OK. I'll tell you, but only because you asked so nicely:
DeBee's: Shenandoah Spring
Sew Much Fun: Lily Frog
Needle Delights: Cherry Cordial
LJP: Daisy Collage
Drawn Thread: Cloister Garden
Shepherd's Bush: Shepherd's Spring
Class project from SB retreat
LHN: Needleworker
LHN: Be Rich in Good Deeds
I think I have a pretty good start on all of these, with the exception of Cloister Garden and Needleworker, which I want to stitch on different linen. Oh, and I didn't start Rich in Good Deeds yet because that's a newbie.

I'm going to go channel my inner Ina and make something fabulous for lunch. I actually puttered in the kitchen all day Sunday and made three wonderful pasta salads, so putting something good on a plate won't be too much of a challenge today. Whew....just what a girl needs on a Monday that is actually a Tuesday.


  1. I know your days will settle out soon - and Stewey looks extra adorable and snug on the sofa!!!

  2. Chill Coni. Sometimes I wish I could get an extra day in my week!

  3. Coni, where do you get your turbo needles?! You are really humming along on Garden Gate - it's just lovely. :)

  4. Hi Coni,

    "Garden Gate" is very pretty and you are making great progress.

    By the way, what wrinkles? I don't see any wrinkles... :-)

    Windy Meadow

  5. Good luck with that basket... I am sure Stewey will keep you in order.

  6. Garden Gate is fabulous but .. I need to know about that adorable needle magnet. Why do I always covet what others have?

    Great picture of Stewey - he looks so comfy!

  7. I"m having a monday today. Had a couple of sleepless nights & am paying the price today.

    I love your choices. What an excellent "top 10" you selected for your basket