Apr 28, 2009


So here's the conversation that Aunt Chrissy and I just had on the telephone....

ME: Did you see the news story about the 7-4-7 that's used for Air Force One and the F-16 flying around Manhattan?

AC: Yeah, I kinda' heard a little bit about it, but I wasn't sure what the whole story was.

ME: It was a photo shoot.

AC: A what?

ME: A photo shoot. They like to have pictures of the plane in front of US landmarks.

AC: You're kidding, me, right?

ME: Nope.

AC: Let me get this straight. They flew a 7-4-7 and a military escort around New York City and they didn't bother to tell anybody?

ME: Yup.

AC: Oh yeah, right. So now you're going to tell me that Annie Liebowitz was in the back of the F-16 telling the pilot to slow down a little so that she could get a better angle?

ME: Tee hee hee hee hee. Oh, Aunt Chrissy, you should be on the radio. You're so funny.

ME: Oh! And how about 8 million New Yorkers yelling the the general direction of the White House: "You couldn't use f****** Photoshop for this??!!"

AC: Oh ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, Sissy, you just crack me up.

The end.


  1. Really. What WERE they thinking? And what about the expense of flying that thing around for a photo op? Our tax dollars at work.

  2. Love the Photoshop idea, Coni. I live and work in Manhattan, and a couple of my friends who work downtown were among the thousands who fled their office buildings in terror yesterday. I don't know who was angrier about this -- Mayor Bloomberg or the President. I'd like to know what genius in D.C. thought it would be a good idea to "buzz" the Statue of Liberty and aim a plane at downtown NY. Hmm -- you would think it would've reminded them of something. Grrr.

  3. Dear Bookish....my God, I cannot imagine what that was like for you. I think the words "beyond furious" weren't strong enough to describe the way everybody should have felt about this. I don't usually wish bad things to happen to people, but the guy who made the decision to do this should have his head on a stick. Really.

  4. Well done. I am thinking that maybe you should be advisors to the PR department, and do something useful with the money that you save the country every day!!! Oh but I did have a good giggle, you girls do so have a way of putting things in perspective.

  5. LMAO! You crack me up Coni. When my DH told me there were planes flying low over NYC, I thought he must have heard wrong. The guy who thought that was a good idea should be fired. Lord knows we have enough people out of work who could actually *do* his job. The people in those office buildings must have been terrified.

  6. How terrifying for those who lived through 9-11

    BTW - your new header picture looks great!

    The word verification is wified - are you wified?

  7. Terrified wasn't the word for the feeling! What bunch of nitwits are running the country?

    BTW, my signature is Edy/NYC

  8. LOL - you & crys are spot on

    our government does everything the expensive way. Another example of our tax dollars at work, please don't get me started.

    Tho, your post is quite funny -- perhaps you'd like to record your conversations for our i-pods??


  9. You two get a radio show, and I'll make sure to have someone in the States tape it and mail it to me! LOL!

  10. What about the apple tree ? Chop, chop. Come on now, we're not exactly talking idears.

  11. There was no doubt about it, a real I saw - wasn't even words in it the most times.

  12. Three pieces and well suited, or is that portions and place them together and you've got to make a boy gorge on cake. Sounds to me like a gala in wonderland. Now let me see, where do I put the Iron Maiden ? In the old palace where time begins. Green and yellow, or black and white ? Or are we decorating cakes again...