Mar 31, 2009


Before we begin today's blathering, I should explain something to those of you who feel silly about writing comments to a dog.

My sister carries on entire conversations with him.

Imagine a voice somewhat like Elmo's (from Sesame Street). Then, combine that with a very sophisticated vocabulary and a big 'ol dash of precocious, and you've got Stewey. He calls his Aunt Chrissy every night to regale her with the latest happenings of the day, and after a few minutes of this, Aunt Chrissy will say "Stewey? Is your Mommie there? Put her on the phone for me." And Stewey sometimes does this immediately, but once in a while will say "She's sleeping, Aunt Chrissy", or "She went the the store."

And the amazing thing is that Aunt Chrissy usually says (without missing a beat)...."Well, have her call me when she gets home, OK?", and then she promptly hangs up the phone.

This went on for about three months before Aunt Chrissy said to me one day "You know? I think I'm losing my damn mind. Do you realize that I carry on entire conversations with Stewey?" (as if I wasn't aware of what the dog was doing when I wasn't paying attention).

I, personally, think nothing of this, since I am convinced that he is indeed a tiny little man trapped in the body of a nine-pound Jack Russell and that he is a stimulating conversationalist. Just don't get him started on fashion, religion, or politics, and you'll be just fine.

Speaking of Aunt Chrissy...she totally screwed me up this weekend when she innocently asked (repeatedly, I might add)...."Did you ever pick up Strawberry Garden from the framer?". I tried and tried as best I could to evade the question, but she demanded to see it on Saturday afternoon:What she didn't know was that this was going to be a SURPRISE! for her birthday. So, SURPRISE AUNT CHRISSY! The moment I started stitching this I decided that it would make the perfect gift for her, and when she kept saying that it looked like Mom, I knew I had picked the right piece. Besides, I have never given her a piece of stitching, and since she is responsible for getting me into it in the first place, I wanted that first piece to be special. So there. It's not hanging in her house yet...she refuses to take it until her actual birthday, so I get to enjoy it a little longer.

I finished "Beyond My Heart" on Saturday afternoon. I'm really tickled with the results and think this one will stay right here at Chez Spinster:I have a crazy-ass idea of hanging it on a "Blackbird Designs" wall. The idea is to also have a "Laura J. Perin" wall, a "Shepherd's Bush" wall, etc. etc. I suppose it would be a good thing to have more than one piece finished before dedicating an entire wall, but a girl can dream now, can't she? (You'll note that I do more dreaming about what to do with finished needlework pieces than I do actual needlework, but hey, that's just me.)

I am reaaaalllllly trying to stretch the time on "Daisy Collage" since I am just loving working on it. I know that there are several other flowers in this series, but I just LOVE this one and want it to last forever!You'll have to forgive the mess of a daisy in the upper left corner....I was so busy watching "Mistresses" that I just kept adding petals until it looked like this:It's totally NOT what LJP charted, but methinks I will leave it alone for now. Those petals are done in Sparkle Rays, and it was a bit of a bit** pulling it through the canvas and getting it to lay just so. (I'm not allowed to use my laying tool without adult supervision....that sucker is an emergency room visit waiting to happen.)

So that's it for the Spinster Stitcher today. I am hoping that Aunt Chrissy and Bosco come over for some Stitching in the Studio with Sissy time. We haven't done that in quite a while and it feels like it just might be the perfect evening for it!


  1. I don't feel silly at all leaving comments to Stewey..I talk to my Merriweather all the time..Actually I would rather talk to them then some people I know..
    Strawberry garden is beautiful and I like the frame..Lucky Chrissy..Beyond my heart is pretty too..You sure have been getting a lot accomplished lately..I also love the colors in Daisy Collage..Hi Stewey..

  2. Oh, I love reading the entries from Stewie. They are hysterical. Little boy dog loving Sex in the City! Strawberry Garden came out amazing...stitching and framing combined! Congrats on a happy finish and it's great you are enjoying your WIP so much.

  3. That daisy looks good to me just the way it is :-)

    Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Yes, Stewy is my kind dog, knos good tv and when to curl up on the couch
    Your finishes are beautiful

  5. We've made up voices for all the family dogs. Cazzie was sort of "dumbdedumb" and Humphrey was English. Coco Chanel is Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday, and Whiskee was more Mae West.

    Love the daisies!

  6. If we can't talk to our dogs, who can we talk to? Strawberry Garden is GORGEOUS!! I like the way the daisy came out and I bet the LJP police don't come knocking at your door.

  7. I love the daisy just as it is. It's probably better than charted, even if it is LJP.

  8. Adding my 2 cents....Love the "Daisy", Love Strawberry Garden (why can't you be MY sister?) and ADORE talking to (and listening) to Stewey, especially since my kitty has joined the Feline Stitching Society on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge.

  9. Love the finishes and so enjoy Stewey posts!!!

  10. Strawberry garden is absolutely beautiful! I hope Chrissy was suitably pleased...because if not...I would be happy to provide my mailing address....!! ha.

    The Daisy collage is looking great too. And the Summer piece is wonderful too.

    Hello to Stewey. I think it's totally normal to talk to our pets. :)

  11. I talk to my 4 dogs all the time. And I answer for them, too. Each of the dogs have their own little voices, but with my lack of acting talent, there isn't much difference between the 3 girl dogs. Last week our 6 year old grandson was eating lunch when I asked our dog Penny if she wanted to go outside. From the kitchen table came this funny little voice saying "not now Mommy, it's raining out". Our daughter says her son has been hanging out with Grandma and Pop-Pop too much.

  12. The daisy is absolutely perfect! Isn't is amazing how some pieces really become a friend and are hard to give up. Others are nothing but a true labor of love. The wind is howling here with occasional sleet. At least I can stitch spring. Give Stewey a hug from me.

  13. Your daisy is "perfectly perfect" just the way it is....daisies are like that anyway - waving their petals all over the place...So enjoy your daisy finish and know that there are LOTS of other flowers out there, don't you know, waiting to be stitched....grin!

  14. I think it is so funny Stewey having conversations with Chrissy, I wish I could talk to him too. I think you do get lots of stitching done and you will soon have your Blackbird Designs wall. I'm sure Chrissy will love Strawberry Garden, it's gorgeous.

  15. The Daisy Collage looks fabulous.
    We carry intelligent conversations with our Cookie and have her read Stewey's posts.

  16. absolutely gorgeous...
    all three pieces...I was wondering what in God's name did you do with all of this unbelieveable stitching.....I can only aspire...

  17. What wonderful stitches!!!
    I love your daisy square piece very much!!
    Strawberry Garden reminds me to stitch it!!
    What design is your Daisy one???
    It's so gorgeous and spring-like so much!!

  18. I believe I have sorely missed out on the tales of Stewey and you, Coni!! Where were my friends who should have told me about you!!?? I loved discovering your blog and seeing all of your perfectly beautiful stitching. Please tell me where I can get "Cherry Cordial." All your BBDs are fabulous.

  19. The daisy looks gorgeous. Lestat (the x-stitch terrorist)speaks just like Stewie.

  20. I talk to my cat, Nittany, all the husband will come upstairs and ask "who are you talking to?"...she is my best listener and she always gives me the answer I want to hear...she likes everything I ask her about and has the exact same point of view as I do...most of the time. She doesn't care if I gain or lose weight...if I clean or fact she likes it when I stitch and then she can sit beside me and steal pieces of floss. Perfect relationship!
    Your Strawberry Gardens is lovely!

  21. It's all so beautiful--now you've got me wanting to buy and stitch Strawberry Garden!