Feb 10, 2009


Forgive me. It is 11:54pm and I have just finished watching the Dateline episode about OctoMom. I. Am. Speechless. And in the interest of saving you from my rant, I decided to share with you instead.....

The Spinster Stitcher Presents Her Happy Meal!

The Appetizer:

A little salad:The Main Course:

And dessert:

Um, waiter? I think I'm going to need another napkin. And some ice water.

I suppose that the only thing that would make this meal even MORE perfect would be if all of you would join me at the table, along with Ina Garten and Mr. Stewey His Very Self. Pass the Merlot.

We will resume our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, kids. In the meantime, I wish you good sleeps and happy dreams! Woo Hoo!

Oh, and P.S....I edited the last post to include the story of how my boyfriend Robert came to call me on Valentine's Day (in case you're interested in that sort of thing.)


  1. I think you mean OctoPussy. Bond has a new girl in town.

  2. Love the "happy meal"! Only one other napkin? Would love to join you and Stewey for a meal with those chefs :o)

  3. Go ahead... rant on! That girl deserves to be shot (yes, I am just kidding.. but only slightly. And the doctor should have his license taken away. Grr) I'm glad I didn't watch the program or people would have heard me screaming from Michigan to ... Zimbabwe.

    Poor kids.

    Love your Happy Meal and the story of your main course surprise. Too funny...

  4. I watched that too and all I could do was shake my head. That women is nothing but selfish, selfish, selfish. Those poor children. I sure hope that they can survive having her for a mother!

  5. I didn't watch the Dateline show. I think this woman is a few fries short in her own happy meal.

    Good taste in Chefs, but Chef Gordon annoys me (don't like potty mouths)... but Chef Eric is mine. MINE! Not that he knows that - yet.

  6. yum. me. The story about Chef Robert calling you is priceless.

    As for octomom, so many things are wrong about this I simply don't know where to start.

  7. I want to hear your rant. Can't be anything that I wasn't thinking also. And dinner would be great, with all those Yum's going on. Bring on pitchers of ice water.

  8. I would *love* to join you for dinner with the chefs! Excellent choices, every last one :)

  9. Love the happy meal ... I'm laughing even more than yesterday. And about that octolady ... I can't even allow myself to get started. Poor little kids to be saddled with her for a mom.