Feb 11, 2009


Only two blue flowers added last night, but I'm determined to finish this piece before the weekend. It's still very lovely to do...the variety of the stitches, as well as the linen makes it a treat (and not a chore). I think I can probably finish this up tonight or tomorrow if I put some serious time into it. Then it's on to hearts for Valentine's Day!

I'm still tweaking the 'ol rotation. I haven't driven myself nuts over my WIP's for a while now, so maybe I should just keep on keeping on and enjoy it while it lasts. I really don't have any specific need to finish anything in particular, but I know that I will be jonesing for a finish pretty soon, so I better hop to it.

That's about it on the stitchy front. We're rainy and dreary today, so this might be a great Happy Chair day...stay tuned!

What follows is the result of a very long and sleepless night in which our heroine contemplated life and its meaning and whether or not she should keep her big fat mouth shut. If you would prefer to think of me as a cardigan-wearing, sensible shoe-buying bespeckled little Spinster who has bluebirds flying about her, then please continue to do so and stop reading now.

If, however, you will indulge me, I figure I can do whatever the h-e-double-toothpicks I want to on this here blog, so I'm going to get it out before my head explodes.

As I'm sure you've gathered by now, I am the most tolerant and open minded person on the planet. Quite frankly, I could care less what the heck anybody else wants to do with their lives, because I am too busy trying to figure out my own. But when it comes to the world's defenseless....those that cannot speak or advocate or help themselves, I pretty much have a zero tolerance policy for stupidity. I will, in short, go to the mattresses when I think somebody has exploited or hurt an animal, a child, a person with disabilities, an older person, or anybody else who just needs a little help every now and then to make it through. Being able-bodied or able-minded and stupid does not qualify you for my help. Being in need of respect, dignity, or a ride to the dry cleaners will get me every time.

Now as for this "situation" with Ms. Suleman....please understand that I think bringing a child into the world and then raising it up into a fully-realized person is one of the most noble pursuits on the planet. I am not a mother. I have never had children. But I know delusional when I see it and I think I have the right to express my opinion that this woman should be prosecuted for neglect. And, I think that these 14 children should be placed in protective custody with families that have the financial, emotional, and physical wherewithal to support them properly. I'm sorry, but the answer of "I'm going to be present for them" is simply not adequate to the questions: How are you going to support these kids? Pay the mortgage? Provide them with health and dental insurance? How will you feed them? How are you going to transport them? How are you going to pay the light bill, or more importantly, the grocery bill, which will certainly be enormous. Do you really think that "working once you've completed your studies in a year and a half" is a good plan? And how long do you think it will take to pay off the $50K in student loan bills and the million-dollar plus hospital bills? You're going to move into a bigger house? How? And why, in God's name, do you need a publicist?! Why don't you just tell the truth and confess that you will support these children with the proceeds from your book, movie of the week deal, talk show appearances, and any other shenanigans you've cooked up. Why don't you just look the world in the eye and tell them that you knew exactly what you were doing and that you knew the world would come running with diapers and lotion and contracts that will allow you to spend as much time on camera as your little heart desires? (Man, that was harsh, wasn't it? Even for me...)

YES! I know that children are a gift from God, and I am the first one in line to defend and support anyone who has a calling to birth and raise a large family. I do not begrudge anybody the opportunity to do so, but I think that somebody has to be an advocate for children (since they can't advocate for themselves), and ask the hard questions and make sure there's a plan in place BEFORE the stork comes along. And the idea that a seven-year old sibling will just have to get over it because "life isn't fair" doesn't exactly make me sleep at night. And YES! I watch the Duggar family and am fascinated by them, but I also note that the Duggar family is a self-sufficient tax-paying, home-schooling, property-owning family who lives according to their religious principles. They also are debt free and live in a home that is filled with order, love, discipline, and a sense of community.

I'm pretty sure that God is in the process of writing the following letter to us (I don't have visions or anything like that, and I'm pretty sure I would have no clue as to how one speaks in tongues, but here goes). And I know you'll forgive me for going completely off topic at the end, but once I start twirling around in a rant it's best to just let me go until I tire myself out:

Hi Everybody, God here.
I'm sure you'll forgive me if I'm up here shaking my head and muttering to myself. I have to say, you people sure know how to screw stuff up! I give you the gift of being able to reproduce and y'all go out there and fool around with it. Don't tell me that if I didn't want you to use it I wouldn't have inspired the science behind fertility, etc. I did that because I'm a big fan of science generally and I figured you would know how to properly handle it. Silly me. And as for all of the other crap that you're throwing around down there like war and famine and genocide, well I have to tell you that I'm not one bit happy about that either. And this OctoMom thing, the economy, steroids in baseball, and all of the other stupid stuff that hits the paper in the morning is also a colossal pain in my holy a**. Stop it. Get a clue and wake the hell up already. I won't even go there when it comes to the environment or global warming, or all of the other stuff you do to mess with my universe. Suffice it to say that there's only so much crap you can mess with before it all comes tumbling down. And no amount of fretting will fix it. So that's it, kids. Pay attention. Look out for one another, will you? And use the sense that I gave you to quit playing around and get on with it. OK?
P.S. You're welcome for Sullenberger, by the way.

Thank you, kind and dear readers for indulging me. If I've offended, p****ed off, or saddened anybody out there, I am truly sorry. Come back tomorrow. It will be better. I promise.


  1. Coni,
    I don't often comment, but I read your blog regularly. Stewie's antics (and the way you express them!) always make me smile.

    I needed to comment on this post in particular because I am 100% with you. My husband and I have been married nearly 10 years, and only became parents 12 DAYS ago. We specifically waited to become parents because we realized what a big change this would be to our lives, and wanted to give our child (and maybe, someday, children) everything we could in terms of time, attention, and financial security. OK, perhaps the duration of our waiting was a bit excessive, but I agree completely that it is a HUGE responsibility to bring a child into this world and it should be done with considerable forethought as to how a parent can support that child.

    It breaks my heart to think of how these 14 kids will be brought up and, dare I say, exploited by their mother, the one person who should be defending them from such exploitation.

    Sorry - your rant triggered mine! :-)

  2. I'm pretty sure that if you have 6 kids, you don't need fertility treatments. Some doctor ought to be smacked. Let's not forget she's had accomplices. (Just so you aren't the only one.) Also, let's blame Jon and Kate. Ooh. That felt good. And TLC, I'm not letting them get away with anything.

  3. Bravo! Wonderful post. God's letter is right on also.

    Strawberry Garden looking good! Love it...

  4. Here, here, I agree with you totally about the lady with all those kids. Strawberry Garden is coming along a treat, I can't decide whether to do this one next or not, it's going to need a frame and funds are low.

  5. Oh I completely agree with you. This OctoMom is obvioulsy a hoarder, but instead of being a Crazy Cat Lady, she hoards children. I find her situation appalling.

    There are a lot of people to blame for this one - Crazy Kid Hoarder Mom, her doctor, her parents to an extent (they put up with this enough that she felt the need to go do it again and again...), anyone else who knew this was happening but did nothing to stop it... We can blame all those who need it, but that still won't change the fact that this whack-job of a woman purposely created 14 children (some of which are already receiving aid due to disability, I believe...and who knows how many of the 8 will have similar issues...) that will grow up in not the most stable and ideal situation. Imagine being known by your mom as a mere number rather than a name...

    Humans are NOT litter-bearing mammals! This is prime example of fertility treatments gone VERY wrong.

  6. Coni,

    I've just recently found your blog, but have found myself yearning for faster updates to it! Please forgive my 47 reads per day in the hopes you've decided to write more! : )

    You totally crack me up and say so much better than I can, similar feelings to the crazyness going on around us. My husband and I had to adopt due to fertility issues and it has come to a point that when octomom comes on the television, Marc immediately changes the channel lest my brain offically blow out the top of my head. Every day the events turn weirder and more out of control. I don't necessarily care WHY she did what she did, but now that it is done....CPS, the hospital or whoever has the power needs to make sure that all 14 of those children are placed into homes of those that are sane, have the financial means to support them and know how to do more than "be with them."

    You are a truly talented and hilarious woman...you really should write a book!


  7. first your Strawberry Garden is beautiful! It's definitely in my must stitch pile after seeing your progress. And second I completely agree with you about the "Octomom." I mean really - Octomom? I do feel for the children. It's really so sad.

    To answer you question about how I stitch - I stitch in hand and it doesn't unravel (usually) unless it's something like jobelan and then I usually will zigzag the edges. It has to be cut evenly for it not to unravel - I usually pull a thread and cut on that line when cutting my linen. I also have a press iron that inherited from my mom - I just flip it on and press the pieces before I take a picture. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. :)


  8. First, I really love your blog, lol.

    How in the world did humanity go from Captain "Sully" to the OctoMom?

    As someone who did rely on fertility treatments to get pregnant I can tell you without any uncertain doubt that somewhere along the line her doctor and her conspired together to make some headlines. Most reputable fertility specialists will not implant more than 3 embryos and even then they warn you of the drastic effects that having triplets can have on not only your health but the health of the babies.

    As far as her finances, between reading about her being on disability (HUH?) and affording not just the IVF but also college...no wonder California's broke. Add in the news of her using food stamps and getting disability benefits for 3 of her older children...where in the world are the authorities and why haven't they done something?

    I agree with some of the other comments, people/media like Jon and Kate and even the Duggart's have made it seem like if you have a bunch of kids and are willing to sell their privacy for a quick buck then it's a way to make a million for yourself. I feel so bad for those 14 kids but at the same time I almost hope that the media and corporations that usually come out of the woodwork to get publicity stay away and make this woman's life a warning for other's who want to use children as a get rich quick scheme.

    Okay, lol, I'll step off the soapbox now, I just really hope that somewhere along the lines someone puts those children first.

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  10. Amen to you Coni, and to all your comments! I found it difficult to raise 2 boys on my own. This woman offends me. And thank you for your rant--it was worth the wait.

  11. Ten thousand hearty claps for that post. Bravo, Coni... well said!

    You'll be further (pardon my French) pissed off to see that she has now launched her website asking for donations!!! (*&%^(*&^$ The unmitigated gall of someone that has 14 children all by way of invitro, has her mother provide the care and financial well being of the first 6 and then voluntarily has 8 more and then thinks it's perfectly within her rights to ask others out there to help her raise them??? I am sure some will because they won't want these children to suffer, but there are other ways. Horrid, horrid situation!

    Responsible fertility doctors do not implant 8 eggs at a time. I still believe that doctor needs his license removed as well. Soon.

  12. I'm glad you finaly relented and let your rant out. I knew it would be good and I totally agree with you! I'm sure you and all of us feel better for you having had your say. Those children should be given to people who truly want children not just the attention having so many children will draw, people who will love them and give them the attention and love they deserve.

  13. I'll be right here for your "better" post tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and so on, although I don't think they could get much better than this one. You've totally expressed what I've felt from the get go. I think this woman should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. How dare she?

  14. Well said by you, and well commented on by your readers!

  15. Coni,

    Not being able to have children myself I can honestly say that I am truly appalled by this woman's behaviour. Those poor children - I just wish we could send a few of them down here to Sydney Australia where I would be more than happy to give them a good home. What a shame that you need a license to be able to drive a car but any idiot who wants a little publicity can become a parent.

    Am loving your blog, I check in every day for updates. I totally agree with a comment earlier that you really should write a book, I'll pre-order a copy now.

    Best wishes,

  16. I completely agree with you. My husband and I decided to have 2 children. That was manageable for us to support, nurture, love and educate.

    I am a resident of California so I will help support this woman and her litter, whether I like it or not. And I don't! No one asked me if they could implant all those embryos.

    I prefer to pick the charity that my hard earned money goes to, rather than be forced to pay for this woman's choices.

    Love your blog and have bought some Laura Perin projects to stitch because of you.

  17. OOPS-previous comment is from Susan, not Robert-I am using the wrong e-mail account-sorry!

  18. Go Coni--you said what needed to be said.

  19. Great stitching! I love those little strawberries... they make my mouth water and make me dream of summer and yummy berries at the South Bend Farmers Market!!

  20. Amen sister! What was that woman thinking! 14 babies that we, the taxpayers, will be supporting, along with all the bankers, wall streeters and ceos who didn't it was wrong to steal from us.

    Love your Strawberry Garden. I got stuck on the lazy daisie...certainly not my fav stitch and the thought of a gazzillion made that piece turn into a big UFO for me! Keep up the great work and give Stewey a cookie for me.

  21. great stitching and commentary
    well said

  22. You go, girlfriend! I am totally in agreement with you. The more that comes out about her on a daily basis, the more I'm disgusted with her and her abuse of the situation. DH and I were talking about all of this tonight.

    BTW, your progress pic is wonderful. I can't wait to see it finished.

  23. Wonder if the same "doc" that did Priscilla Presley's face lift did OctoMom's invitro? Reprehensible.

  24. You are right. To be realistic she won't be the one supporting these kids, the taxpayers will be doing the job. People need to realize there is a big difference between "loving" babies or children and "raising" children.

    I love children too, that is why I became a mom and school teacher. But at the end of the day I am ready to come home to one and send the other 60 home to someone else.

  25. Way to go Coni! I am totally behind your statement. What is wrong with that woman?! Also, the doctor is in the wrong too.

    Those poor children. That woman should not be allowed to 'profit' from this.

    By the way, seriously, think about that book idea. I'd buy one, and buy one for our public library!


  26. Oh, Coni, you said it so much better than I could've! She's obviously impaired or kookoo or whatever you wanna call it, and she's had loads of enablers in the form of parents, doctors, etc. We can't do anything about her parents, but something should happen to her "doctor".

  27. Love your post. I'm thinking we need to introduce her to someone: there was, a number of years ago in this area, a most er..prolific in vitro doc. He was hugely successful at his profession, and women came from far and wide (but mostly within Fairfax County) to partake of his services, because he had such a high success rate, in vitro being such a chancy thing and all. Seems the good doc cut out the middleman and was pretty much the sole sperminator in the equation. (And Lord he was a big, ugly guy with hair on his ears too). At last count he had fathered something like 50 children in the county, which the authorities pretty much (aside from the obvious ethical problem) declared a thorny issue considering the likelihood that the various half-siblings would begin to date their (hairy-eared) classmates. I think the sperminator and Octolady ought to get together; they have so much in common!

  28. My dear Friend CJ...You've truely outdone yourself !!!!
    Kudo's to you girl!!!!!
    One of the reasons I love you and keep you as one of my dearest friends is because YOU TELL IT AS IT IS!! Okay, well sometimes, we just had this conversation Monday didn't we....telling it like it is?? LOL
    Way to go....and also....WHAT HAVE I BEEN TELLING YOU FOR 20 YEARS???? WRITE A DAMN BOOK WILL YA!!!!

  29. You have just said in your post what everyone (that I have talked to) is thinking. I agree with everything you said.
    I read your blog everyday and I love it! I have a mini pincher and 2 huge cats, I as well LOVE animals.

  30. Great post! I have had the same thoughts since more of the story has come to light. All we can do is pray for those children.

  31. Great post! I have had the same thoughts since more of the story has come to light. All we can do is pray for those children.

  32. You are spot on, Coni!!! WHY would a mother-of-six need hormone treatment??? And HOW did she manage to find a doctor mad enough to treat her??? I'm feeling so sorry for the poor children!!!

  33. Amen sister!! Adorable dog, beautiful stitching, spot on commentary. Love it! YGG.

  34. Of course, like everybody else, I strongly disapprove - this woman is insane. The children should be protected from her (how many more little brothers and sisters is he planning to give them ?) How on earth could a doctor have assisted her with bringing to life those poor children ? What kind of ethics is it here ? He should be prosecuted. And pay for the food, and the rent, and the publicist ! And compensate the California taxpayers... V. (France)

  35. Amen! She is using all of us to get what she (thinks she) wants and will do a great disservice to those children.

  36. BRAVO!!!!!! Great post!!!! Once again you put into words what needs to be said!! Keep those posts coming!!!!

    Love the stitching!!

  37. I agree with you Coni - it is the attitude and approach to parenthood that this woman is taking that has me most disturbed rather than just the actual number of children she has produced.

  38. I am with you 100%. It is beyond selfish (criminal in my mind) to force your children to struggle against the odds to be healthy. It would be one thing if she didn't have any kids but with SIX already? Is there any regard for these children as people instead of as objects?

    The babies are very cute. However, the developmental difficulties they will have would challenge even a two parent family. I saw that she said she felt judged because she is a "single mother". Just that shows me how delusional she is.

    I think they should give the babies to families who are hoping for just one baby - and that she could keep in touch with them. Give 2 to each of the adoptive families so that they have a sibling and a shot at a decent life. I really think this is some kind of a mental illness - like baby hoarding or something. I also worry about how they will be treated as they get older and not so adorable.

  39. Coni, I just found your blog. And I just have to say AMEN SISTAH! I also need to add that I believe we also need to blame Ms. Jolie. No matter how much this woman denies it, she's had some seriously poor cosmetic surgery and looks frighteningly too much like Angelina!

    Children ARE a blessing, and should not be used for selfish reasons. I can't think of one single unselfish reason to have 8 at once, by purposely having a high number of implantations through IVF.

    These are the times when I say "YOU! Out of the gene pool!"