Feb 9, 2009


Miss Deb Her Very Self: I made the heart look poofy by first using DMC floss (all six ply) and stitching horizontally and then over the top of that vertically. Then I used Rainbow Gallery's Flair over the top of the DMC, stitching vertically twice.

Now if you actually understood that, will you please explain it to me? I think I managed to just confuse myself!

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  1. Why, yes, Miss Coni, I did indeed understand your "instructions". You simply "padded" your stitch by stitching it more than once--and if I get your directions correctly, you stitched it 4 times? Or was it 5? It looks great, so don't stop what you are doing. And one of these days, I'm going to run into you at House Of Stitches--perhaps in July, during my "birthday" run. Hubby always takes me there for my birthday gift. Thank you for all your humor in your posts. They bring a huge bright shot of sunlight into my house. Oh, and my dog Boo is interested in meeting Stewey. I read her all the posts about him. The cats remain uninterested in the life of a mere dog.