Feb 9, 2009


I had an early-ish dentist's appointment today. OK, maybe 10am isn't exactly early, but I was up rather late and had a hard time getting out of the big girl sleigh bed this morning.

Anywhoose....I puttered about and had my coffee and then realized that I had to rush if I was going to make it on time. (I do SO hate to be late.) I managed to make it with minutes to spare, got my new filling on the root canal tooth and was on my merry way. Woo Hoo for me!

When I came home to change into my "inside the house" wear, I suddenly realized why God made some people morning people and some people not so much (heavy sigh):
Aunt Chrissy and Bosco came over on Friday night for Chinese food. We spent a fair amount of time up in the studio and I managed to get more organizing done. I swear that somebody is coming into my house in the middle of the night and rifling through my stuff. I mean, it was all tidy a minute ago and suddenly it's a mess again. Must be the same person who keeps piling up the laundry. Wonder if I should install a nanny cam?

I started Laura J. Perin's "Daisy Collage" and am loving every minute of it. It doesn't look like much now, but once I get into those boxes and start filling them in it will be wonderful!
We stopped at Needle Nest on Saturday to pick up a thread or two, and Chrissy inspired me to also stitch LJP's "This Heart's For You"...a freebie on her website. At first I thought I would do this on red canvas with white threads, but after I played around a little bit, I decided to do the FIRST one in pinky-reds and pinks on sparkly white canvas. I'm sure that I'll probably do this one more than once, so that red canvas won't go to waste.

I have been so inspired by all of the rotations out there, and am thinking about getting back into mine, but with some changes. I love the idea of doing a particular project on a particular day, but I was wondering what would happen if I decided to do a particular type of stitching on a particular day? For example, Monday could be cross stitch, Tuesday painted canvas, Wednesday counted canvas, Thursday crewel, etc. etc. I'm still tweaking, so stay tuned. At the rate I'm going, I will probably just try to get "Strawberry Garden" finished and framed before Spring officially arrives in all her glory.

Hope y'all had a splendid weekend and that the week ahead is full of fun and stitchy goodness for you!


  1. What a beautiful start to a lovely heart! Me thinks it would look lovely in shades of blue--I know, not a heart color. How on earth did you get that satin heart in the middle so poofy? It looks grand! One of these days I'm going to do a LJP canvas--I've just been so involved with "smalls" lately. And thanks for your comment on my blog--from one late morning person to another.

  2. I'm a heart freak, so I'll be looking at that website for a new heart chart. Morning usually comes way too early for me, so I see nothing wrong at all with your sock choice!

  3. Bet you have another pair of socks just like those you have on, right?

  4. I don't know...putting two different white socks is better than putting your underwear on inside out...which I did last week when I was late for an early morning meeting. My first thought was, "good thing I didn't get in a car accident and have to go to the hospital". Grin

  5. The different socks are just a gift to lol a little at yourself although Im sure god got the bigger giggle :oP

    I just finished stitching mine (red & gold on red canvas) so I'm gonna post it later this week - with a revised heart pattern. Ahem, actually stitching the #$%@# graph makes all the (designing) difference.... so look for it BEFORE you stitch up the red version, please...

  7. Gorgeous heart! And I love the socks, at least they were both white. On early morning rushes I can't tell the difference between blue and black.

  8. Let's see, you could (1) pull out some thread and stitch a toe seam on the left sock to match the one on the right sock, (2) put on some slippers, or (3) just tuck your feet under the nearest dog! (Sorry, Stewey!) BTW, Carol's comment totally cracked me up!

    Love that puffy/poofy heart!

  9. They're both white, aren't they? That's all that matters to me - as long as one isn't knee high and the other an anklet - that would be a problem!

  10. The daisy collage piece is so pretty and spring looking. It will be fun to see your progress on it.


  11. One day, my dad went into Lowe's. Everyone was very nice to him, super helpful, they even opened a line so he wouldn't have to wait. He was super impressed.

    Got home, put his feet up on the Lazy Boy - he was wearing 2 completely different tennis shoes - one brown, one grey. Suddenly, all of the special attention he got at the store made sense.

    We call him "two shoes" now.

    So now you should feel better - at least your socks were the same color! :-) Neva