Jan 19, 2009


I have it on very good authority that the makers of Kleenex brand tissues, as well as the maker of Wal-Fed nasal decongestant will be announcing a major surge in the trading activity of their stocks. If you've got it, but 'em now, kids. I can guarantee you'll make millions.

I've just finished the last episode of the last season of "The West Wing" and I am spent. Just spent. I am a dehydrated mess of a person, who can't seem to stop the hiccupy tears from spilling all over my pajama top that I've had on since yesterday. Stewey has retreated to the safety of his fort under the bed and I gave up on trying to get the contact lenses back into my head an hour ago.

Wow. What a way to spend 26 straight days of television viewing. There should be some kind of prize for this, don't you think?

Oh, and before I forget...MEMO: David Chase, Creator of The Sopranos. Please call Aaron Sorkin RE: what the last episode of a wildly popular dramatic television series should look like. And if you've finished reading my treatment of the last episode that I fired off to you on the night of the final viewing of all things Tony, would you please return it? I've got a book and/or possible movie deal in the works, and you're clogging up my marketing system. So there.

OK, we're back.

Not one stitch was completed this weekend, but I did manage to dump a 48 ounce tub of diet 7-up all over the Rainbow Bird canvas. It's a little warped and will probably require some re-stretching to get rid of the resulting wonkiness, but it'll live.

So Aunt Chrissy was kind enough to participate in the Spinster Stitcher Weekly Rotation Drawing Extravaganza, and, bless her heart, she pulled a WILDCARD! Woo Hoo! This means that I get to stitch any ol' thing my fingers desire this week! I am just giddy with the prospect of it all. Methinks some serious contemplating will have to take place up in the studio tomorrow after all of the requisite chores are completed for the day. (I am determined to get this house spic and span so that I can sit on my heiney and watch all things Inaugural on Tuesday.) (That's not a political statement or endorsement, by the way....I'm Switzerland when it comes to discussing politics, sex, or religion (in that order), but given the last 154 hours of my television viewing, I'm kinda' interested.)

It's time for me to find my pillow. Night night and sweet dreams! (And yes, I wake Stewey up each morning with a kiss on the nose and the question: "Did you have good sleeps and happy dreams?", so I'm all about the night night around here.)


  1. I've never seen the West Wing, but now am wondering just what have I missed? You inspired me to try the weekly rotation drawing...don't know how long it will last though!

  2. I've never watched the West Wing, but I *loved* the finale of the Sopranos - I remember being disappointed in the ending for the first 30 minutes after the show, but then realized it was a perfect ending!

  3. Now that you're done with West Wing and Sopranos, what is next on your list??

    Might I recommend Six Feet Under? My all time favorite TV show... plus the character "Nate" can be your new boyfriend... and.... the series finale has the best 10 minutes of television of all time and had me sobbing like a baby even though it was a perfect, fitting ending and brilliantly done.