Jan 20, 2009


So I'm watching the Inaugural coverage like I'm going to have to write a book about it, and I just don't know where to look next. I'm fascinated by the proceedings, the pageantry, the solemnity of the occasion, and I'm aware that standing up in the middle of my living room to sing the National Anthem in my pajamas probably looked pretty silly.

I must confess, however, that my very favorite part of the ceremony was Aretha Franklin. The girl can sing, what can I say? And, there was the lovely poem that was read, that (in my humble opinion) boiled down to.....it's all about LOVE. (Which then takes me to the Jonathan Larson song from "Rent" in which he explains that the measure of a man is all about the love he gives and receives in his life. And then I look at our new President standing next to his wife and opening the door for her and holding her hand and then looking at his little girls and I'm a big fat sobby mess all over again.)

Oh, fer cryin' out loud. Will somebody PLEASE get me a hanky!?

Enough of that. I'm sure that the media will gladly fill you in on anything that you missed from the day. Ad nauseum. Let's just say that watching three million people on the Mall was quite a sight to see. (Yes, there were three million. I counted them. So there.) And yes, there was a whole lotta' prayin' goin' on today. A lot.

Given the fact that I am in a FREE STITCHY ROTATION WEEK, you would think that I went crazy on about fifteen new projects. Alas, this was not to be. I spent a good amount of time upstairs playing with my stash (linens and patterns and threads...oh my!) and I kitted up about ten things that looked like something I might want to play with. Instead, I sat down with CCN's "Needlework Shop" and put about ten stitches into it before getting distracted by Chef Gordon Ramsey His Very Self and his show "The F Word". The opening montage' is of Chef walking down a hallway stripping off his suit jacket and shirt before donning his chef's whites.

Um. I need a minute here.

OK. Whew! The man has an effect, what else can I say? I'll try to capture the pic of him that sends me into tizzies when I watch the recording tonight. For now, though, let me just say: HUBBA HUBBA.

So here's what I accomplished:

Stewey wants me to announce that he has FINALLY appointed his Secretary of Nap Time. May we present....Dr. Loofa Dog His Very Self. Dr. Loofa has a long and distinguished career as the facilitator of many Presidential naps and President Stewey looks forward to working with him quite closely in the future. (Especially if there is a spot of sunshine in which to nap.)


  1. Hi Coni,
    I bought Oliver a Loofa Dog which he preceded to SHRED! I was so disappoiuted because I LOVED him. Who knows Ollie may have been jealous!

  2. Oh yeah, "Retha" got it goin on", as they say in the vernacular. I too was enthralled as I began watching the "red carpet" pre-ceremony entry show too. This one, then that one arriving. I was glued nearly all day. The vision of President and Mrs. Obama walking freely through the streets was truly inspirational, at least it was for me and the other shouting zillions.

    Now the real reason I wrote, I love Stewey's new picture. Oh he gets cuter every time I see him. I do miss the little snarling snapshot of him though(no pun intended but he did look like he was about to snap). I laughed everytime I saw that little face. So cute.

    Glad you had fun in stash heaven and got some hopefuls kitted. That always inspires me. Going there now.

  3. I just found your blog (thanks to Edgar from the Blacksheep's blog :)). I love the way you write and love to see all the beautiful things you stitch. And Stewey... he is SOOOO cute! :)

  4. Love your writing ! Will be back. Expecting lots of fun.

  5. Hi Coni,

    Great progress on "Needlework Shop"!

    I've been reading but haven't had much time to comment recently. I've caught up with all of your posts. Even the two above this one. :-)

    Does Stewey have any thoughts on the different clothes or gowns so far? Or any comments on the redecorating of the White House? Or rather, any that he wants to share? :-)

    Windy Meadow