Jan 16, 2009


TO: Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, US Airways
FM: The World
RE: Landing a plane on the Hudson River and then searching the cabin TWICE to make sure that all passengers and crew had escaped safely before you.

You rock!

(Will somebody please pass the tissues?)

Seriously, folks. In the midst of everything else I was futzing with, yesterday's news stopped me in my tracks to thank God for this man, the citizens of New York who ran to help, the rescue personnel, The United State Air Force, Purdue University, and whatever angels there were up there who allowed 150+ people to survive.



  1. Totally agree with you. Just amazing!

  2. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I second everything you said CJ!!

  3. Amen!!!! I'm getting readt=y to book a flight to Boston and I'm wondering if I can REQUEST him as the pilot!! WHAT??? You think I ask too much? LOL

  4. I live in NY and confess to getting all choked up yesterday and today while watching the coverage. The Mayor is going to give him the key to the city. (Who knew they did that anymore?! Isn't it kinda sweet?)

  5. I totally agree!!! From what I heard this pilot is the first one to have ever accomplished this!!! Totally amazing!!!

  6. 2009 may not be so bad AFTER ALL!
    WHoo hooo!

  7. He's an amazing man - give him a medal!