Jan 13, 2009


Now I don't know if you can tell what the hell is in this picture, but if I said "OH DEER!" would you believe me? This is a herd of about 20 deer that were having a snack in the back field at 3am.

What was I doing at 3am you ask? Well, let's just say it involved wanted to put my eye out with a stick. A sinus migraine got the better part of me last night and I was pacing around the house wondering how many Tylenol I could take before putting myself on the kidney donor list.

After the deer incident, I thought to myself "Gee, if they can have a snack at 3am, so can I", so I made a little tiny turkey sandwich. Within 15 minutes my headache was completely gone. Go figure. The resulting heartburn, however, seems to be here to stay. (Heavy and dramatic sigh.)

I made really good progress on the Rainbow Birds! I'm not sure if it was the headache or the fact the Stewey put himself to bed early and wasn't there to inspect, but I didn't stress myself out over this one at all and just had some fun:

I'm sorry that I can't tell you the name of the stitches. I just kinda' made them up as I went along. There is a LOT more variegation in real life, so the stitches almost look like feathers! Who's better than me?

I'll futz around with this some more and than have some fun with the background. I think the fact that I decided to hang this in the laundry room took a lot of the pressure off. Nobody will see it except me, so I won't have to worry about theme, composition, color selection, etc. etc. as if I were entering it into the Mother Of All Stitching Competitions. This one is just for fun. (As they all should be, right?)

Methinks Stewey has a little cold. He's been curled up on his perch sniffing all morning, and I caught him tucking a little handkerchief into the sleeve of his cardigan just like the nuns used to do. I think he's trying to get the sympathy vote today since I told him that if he thinks he's going to avoid peeing outside in a blizzard he's got another thing coming. (Now before you feel sorry for the little fella having to brave the eighteen foot snowdrifts, may I remind you that Mommie ALWAYS shovels a path for him before pushing his little tush out the door?! Forget the fact that I'm usually doing it in pajamas and slippers...this dog doesn't know how good he's got it!)


  1. Oh I bet Stewie knows exactly how good he has it :) Why he even has his own cardigan to stuff the sleeves full of kleenex...now thats pretty dog-gone good! :)

  2. The birds are great...I love the stitch variations you used...and you are right...no two birds are alike.
    IMHO, I would keep the background simple so the birds are what you see.
    Good to see how well you are rotating, but don't get dizzy.

  3. nice birds
    nice spring snapper
    amazing how fast you accomplish these things
    stay warm stewie

  4. Very cute birds! The stitches really do look like feathers!

    Re: deer...my mom called me yesterday and told me there had been 4 deer standing in their front yard when she came home. Perhaps not out of the ordinary for some, but my parents live in a subdivision not at all close to a normal deer habitat...needless to say, they attracted some attention. :-)

  5. I have squirrels in my back yard - you have deer - how lucky is that?

    The birds look really great - I will even do the laundry if I get to see them IRL!

    Poor Stewey - tell him to wrap up warm and I will bring him some chicken broth.

  6. My dog would eat kleenex. Only used kleenex mind you. Don't leave your used tissues unattended! However never did she catch a cold, some sort of preventative medicine?? I won't tell Stewey, it's pretty gross.

    I love the birds and the colours, so bright and cheery! Just what we need for the winter and for laundry day. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

  7. Cute birds! They remind me of the Partridge Family! Come on! Get happy!

  8. Great job on the birds - hope you and Stewey are staying warm!

  9. My goodness. Buddy Lee hates going outside to potty if it's below 70 here. I can't imagine him having to put his little tush near snow! It's too funny. We will open the door to let him out... he will take two steps outside, turn around, trot in, plop down on his bed and sigh.

  10. Hey I love that photo of the deer and those birds are pretty cute. Nice to have bright things to look at when it is laundry day! Using different stitches like that gives them plenty of individuality.

  11. They are great! You always make me laugh and I truly appreciate it!

  12. I just love the little birdies! Stay warm and keep stitching!

  13. I love your rainbow birds! Stay warm.

  14. Love, love, love the birdies!!!!!