Jan 12, 2009


I finished Spring Snapperland! Put the last snaps and buttons on it Saturday afternoon. I am just in love with the colors and must confess that I never thought I'd get this sucker finished in my lifetime! I know that the linen color is called "For the Cure", and it's really very pretty in real life. (Sorry about my lousy picture taking skills.)
I futzed around on Sunday kitting up a few new projects and finally settled on CCN's "Needlework Shop". I'm stitching this on 28ct natural pearl linen and am loving every single minute of it. I think I made pretty good progress, considering the fact that I was glued to the TeeVee during most of my stitchy time.
Today is Spinster Stitcher Rotation Drawing Day. After the requisite parade, donning of the tiara, and drum roll, I pulled this:I don't know the name of the artist, but this is a painted canvas. I've pulled some variegated Watercolors for the birds and will look to find some funky little stitches for each. I have visions of this hanging in my laundry room, since I usually try to find colorful and perky designs for in there.

I hope this finds y'all warm and safe and dry. If my sinus migraine has anything to say about it, we are expected to get some pretty nasty weather lather this evening, so bundle up ye Hoosiers and drive carefully!


  1. Your SNapperland finish is awesome! You did a wonderful job. I can't wait to see your progress on this weeks project.

  2. Excellent job! Can't wait to see the next finish...I love that pattern!

  3. Hi Coni, Hi Stewey,

    Congrats on your Snapperland
    finish Coni. It looks just
    wonderful. I love the borders
    on these designs, and this one
    has an especially pretty border.

    Needlework Shop is a gorgeous
    design and the colours are to
    die for. I've got this one
    high on my "to do real soon"
    list. And the other one that
    goes with it...what was it

    Those birds are cute and it's
    such a nice Spring type design.
    It'll look fab in your laundry

    I found all seven season of
    Gilmore Girls at a local
    super store on sale for $18.00
    per season, and grabbed the lot.
    (That's Canadian money btw)
    Still a good deal. I love
    being able to watch a series
    without the hassle of commercials
    and waiting a week to see the
    next episode. I've never seen
    this series but heard lots of
    good things about it. Beats
    shoveling the driveway, that's
    for sure.


  4. Nice finish, now on to the stash dance with Stewey. He must have been very excited when he saw the tiara coming out of the vault! Stay warm, snow is on it's way; we had about 6" in my part of CO today.

  5. Gosh your needles sure are nifty... they seem to stitch in super-speed time. Spring Snapper looks great - looking forward to updates on your next stitch.

  6. Congratulations on your finish, Coni. It's lovely.

    Nice start on "Needlework Shop".

  7. Congrats on your finish! :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the birds.