Jan 14, 2009


OK, I admit it. I am not very good at the fine art of compensation. Now for all you non-stitchy types, that means that you have to kinda squish a stitch when the area you're stitching doesn't have enough room for the whole stitch.

That's the technical explanation, don't you know.

Anywhoose, I finished the specialty stitches on all of the birds and think I did it well enough that the stitchy police won't come in and haul me away anytime soon. I think I like the patterns that resulted, and I know that I love the colors (even if that orange is a little "hot").

Now I'm on to the background, which I think I'll do in perle cotton in a very simple stitch. As for the purple border, I'm going to head upstairs today to see if I have a Flair that will do. (Y'all know how I love my Flair!)

It's a tundra here today, with blowing snow and bitterly cold temperatures. I promised myself that I wouldn't bitch about the weather anymore since there are so many people out there who don't have the luxury of a Happy Chair, a warm and fuzzy pup, and lots of stitching to keep them occupied. God help them and watch over them all....

On a completely separate note, I am contemplating a new rotation system for the month of February. Instead of pulling a WIP on Monday and stitching it the whole week, I think I might set aside one or two days a week for WIP's. That way I can go put some stitches in all of these new BAP's that are screaming my name. The alternative for February is to revert back to my normal thing, which is to stitch whatever the heck I want, whenever I want. Hmmm. Which one do you think will win? (Hey, you have to give me credit for making it a whole TWO WEEKS on this silly scheme before getting bored, now, don't you?)


  1. I love the happy birds! Perfect stitching for a cold winter's day, in my opinion (which naturally matters a great deal to Stewy who is now asking Mom who is this nut and does she bring dog biscuits?).

    If you are feeling particularly academic, you can read what Tony Minieri has to say (in 4 parts) about compensation on the ANG website--

    The first time I read it I didn't understand it but after I tried again, it started to make sense and has helped me compensate better. Although I can't say you need much help--the birds look fine to me.

    Jane, who admits she might need new glasses soon in CH so don't quote me

  2. The birds are looking very cheerful, great progress. Congratulations on finishing Spring Snapperland

  3. CJ, the birds are adorable, and I especially like the hot orange one! I think he makes the whole scene!! Trust me...stay warm and do not venture out!! I did enough of it all morning for the both of us! Tell Stewey to be careful putting that leg out today!!

  4. The birds are wonderful, even the bright orange one. They're sooo cheery! I like your idea of the WIP for a day or two a week.

  5. Excellent job! The texture of the birds is jumping out at me...looks great!

  6. Fabulous stitches! This will be too pretty to go in the laundry room...

  7. I clicked on the picture and got a real close-up of your stitched birds and the compensation stitches look great! I love those birds! I also totally enjoy reading your blog. Keep warm and keep stitching!

  8. How about four weeks on rotation and two weeks off?

  9. Coni --

    Love the birds!

    I like that you used those almost solid overdyes for them. The colors you picked are some of my favorites.

    That orange I used in my Halloween license plate. Normally I don't like orange, but I love that one.

    Great Job!

    Keep Stitching,

  10. Beautiful birds and the colous look great!
    Keep safe and warm.