Oct 20, 2008


If I could carry a tune, I suppose that I would be dancing about the house singing something perky at the top of my lungs. Maybe "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" or something like that.

This Spinster had a wonderful weekend. It all started with that damn flu shot on Thursday, which meant that I was in jammies all day Friday. Chrissy kept me company and we watched movies and stitched. Our favorite was "The Holiday", and we determined that Chrissy is definitely the English cottage type and I'd be wonderfully happy in the L.A. house. It was so good that we watched it again on Saturday night! We also watched "Infamous" ( I can't figure out if it's Truman Capote that I'm fascinated with, or the overall story of his relationship with Perry Smith. Either way, methinks a trip to Borders is in order to learn more). Movie night ended at 3:30am with "Sex and The City". Mr. Big, be still my spinster heart.

Saturday dawned and my little sister showed up armed with Sonic breakfast and the will to help me clean out the garage and put the gardens to bed. She did all the heavy lifting and I made a trip to Goodwill with all of the crap that's been accumulating on the garage floor. (I swear it breeds and multiplies in there.) Needless to say, you can find me standing at the garage door gazing upon the organized loveliness. Heavy contented sigh. The Saturday mail delivered a SURPRISE for us, and we were just blown away. Formal thank yous are forthcoming, but just let me say to the sender......YOU ARE THE VERY BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND WE LOVE YOU!

One of the best things about my little house is that it's surrounded by trees that are now in their full Autumnal glory. My living room in particular gets lovely light and Stewey is just basking in the morning sun. A happy warm puppy that smells like cookies and snuggles under the covers is highly recommended for whatever ails you. So my stitchy project is coming along very nicely and I have to say that I am somewhat amazed at how much fun I'm having. To look at the pic on the cover of the chart, you'd think that this involves a lot of hair pulling and swearing, but quite the opposite is true. Very very fun. Besides....it uses one of my all time favorite threads: Watercolors Burnt Toast. Methinks this one is going to be simply splendid once finished. I'll leave you with a pic of my little tableau. Sorry about the BIG WHITE WALLS! I just can't seem to get around to putting some color up there. Never fear...someday.


  1. I love white walls so it looks great to me!

    My garage is a bit of mess so if you and Chrissy would like to call round feel free.

    Lovely picture of Stewey - he looks so cosy soaking up the sunshine.

  2. It sounds like a delightful weekend, Coni!

  3. Coni --

    I like the new piece (and wished I was finished cleaning out my garage).

    I'm using Watercolours in Burnt Toast for a piece I"m doing right now, it's so warm and autumny.

    Keep Stitching,