Oct 21, 2008


When we were kids, our mom had a sign in the house that said "A Full Cupboard Bespeaketh a Generous Heart". (She also had one that said "Love One Another" that she thought said "Love Thy Mother" until we advised her otherwise, but that's another story for another day.)

Now, I'm not sure what it is about a stocked fridge that gives me such comfort, but I am thrilled to report that after some scrubbing, tossing, shopping, and organizing, I am ready to entertain the masses. I carefully planned some menus, wrote a grocery list, clipped coupons, and stayed within budget to get:

I know it's hard to tell from the pic, but there is only really really healthy stuff in here. Really.

What prompted this was a new show on which Rocco DeSpirito goes into people's homes to teach them to cook a meal for a loved one. This show invariably starts with Rocco checking out the fridge and I immediately felt compelled to get myself in good order in the event that Rocco should happen to drop by. (Now if Rocco shows up with Ina Garten and Robert Irvine in tow, we won't have to worry about my fridge because I'll drop dead on the very spot, but that's totally beside the point. I know.) So needless to say.....I'm ready for my Food Network closeup.

And while we're on the subject of bliss, I thought I would share another of Mom's needlepoint pictures. This one hangs in my bedroom, just over my reading chair. It ranks #2 on the list of items I would grab in the event of disaster (Stewey being #1), and I look at it and love it every single say. The girl's face and hands are in petit point and the rest in in continental stitch. Again....not what you would see today, but still treasured nonetheless.

Here's my stitchy progress from last night. I think I need to put this one down for a day or so since my fingers are getting beat up from the canvas and my arms are tired from trying to hold this sucker. (Still haven't figured out how to use that damn floor stand with the Happy Chair yet. Methinks one day I will need to get a proper stitching chair and learn to sit like a grown up human being.) The center is complete....all done in Waterlilies "Burnt Toast". I loved the stitch (a sprat's head, I think?), and I even managed to finish them all and watch the Duggar family all at the same time.

Another pretty day here in Hoosierville. So pretty, in fact, that Stewey decided to go for a little Dora the Explorer adventure during his morning constitutional. I found him on a neighbor's front walkway just enjoying the breeze. Damn dog. If one more neighbor catches me out in my pajamas and slippers I swear they're going to throw me outta' here.


  1. Call me crazy, but looking at an open refrigerator without seeing the next picture of the doors shut brings back memories of Dad yelling at us to close the refrigerator doors.......I assume you did close them, ha ha....

  2. Nicely organized fridge. The only things you are guaranteed to find in my fridge are milk, diet coke, and ketchup. Expectations of anything else is just a crap shoot LOL

  3. Lovely fridge...I personally want Tyler Florence to revive Dinner 911 (or whatever that show was called) and come to my house... he can teach me to make green salsa and I'll think of some stuff to teach him. Dreamy...

    How special to have something your mom stitched... no doubt she had you in mind, with your love of reading, when she stitched it.

  4. I absolutely adore the girl reading picture. Now I must go and organize my fridge :)

  5. Oh CJ, you put me to shame, do you think you can come to my house and organize my fridge??? HAHA...(I know that's what you're doing...you remember too well I'm sure that my fridge is always a mess!!! Love ya girl!! Cheryl

  6. Awesome organization and I love the girl reading!

  7. Rachael Ray does the fridge thing in her magazine - have someone famous stand in front of their fridge and defend the contents. It's not very likely that they are the ones responsible for what is in the fridge, but it's fun anyway.

    I do love organization. But I wonder why it never stays that way...sigh.

  8. Hi Coni,
    I look forward each day to seeing what Stewey and you are doing. My in-laws live in South Bend, and a trip to Needle Nest is a requirement for each visit to South Bend. Maybe I'll see you there? Would love to meet you - you've got a great sense of humor.