Oct 22, 2008


Last night's stitching was Shepherd's Bush "Into the Night". As you can see from the pic above, I finished four motifs before hitting the hay. This was such a nice change of pace from the canvas work...small and easy to hold and no tugging whatsoever! It was interesting, however, to transition from 18ct. canvas to 32ct. linen! This linen is called "Murky Pond" and is really lovely and splotchy. Yummy.

Speaking of yummy.....am I the only person on the planet who buys 18 bags of Halloween candy and then eats every bit of them because she doesn't have any trick or treaters? Oh well, I'm not going to fret over it. According to Catholic University in Campobasso, Italy, dark chocolate is actually very good for you and should be consumed every day for maximum health benefits. And since Dad's "people" come from Campobasso, I intend to follow this as a direct order. Woo hoo!


  1. Face it, you're not buying dark chocolate for trick or treaters. I only know one kid under the age of 25 who eats that stuff. Own it, baby!

  2. Ooohh I love your new start...

    If you've got any chocolate left over, let me know and I'll come and trick or treat at your house!

  3. Hi Coni,

    Actually I share it with the trick or treaters and the family but I make sure that I buy plenty! :-)

    And yes, I know of at least one person below 25 who eats dark chocolate. My daughter who yesterday opened my dark chocolate M&M's!

    Windy Meadow

  4. I love dark chocolate ! A piece every day is good for you, just don't tell how big the piece is :)

  5. I buy a couple bags of candy in the event we have trick-or-treaters...but living out in the country and not having many kids of trick-or-treating age on our road, we usually have a couple bags of candy to ourselves. :-)

  6. I just bought this kit last weekend! I love you start!! :)

  7. Nice start on your SB piece!

    I love dark chocolate! I'm fortunate that I don't have trick or treaters coming around to my place, otherwise I'd have the temptation of candy sitting around the front door.

  8. I've never liked dark chocolate. But, I've put a huge dent in the bag of Almond Joy fun size bars that were meant for the trick or treaters. Who am I kidding... I knew they'd never last until Oct. 31. Those little beggers will get the Smarties.


  9. You've just summed up why I refuse to buy Halloween candy more than a few days before Halloween!

    My mom's people are from Campobasso too. What a small world. :-)