Oct 1, 2008


Woo Hoo! We woke up to Autumn today! Stewey and I were all snuggled in our bed, cozy as could be, when Aunt Chrissy decided to pounce in with the Baby Bosco for some early morning revelry! She is under the weather today and decided to come wake her big sissy up for tea and sympathy. Needless to say, all of my plans of scrubbing/cleaning/organizing the house and yard today will have to be postponed. Oh. Darn.

So we took a quick trip to House of Stitches last evening and I was RECOGNIZED by one of my faithful readers! HOLEY SCHMOLEY! I was sitting at the cutting table with Miss Nancy getting a small piece of linen cut for LHN's "Ladybug", and I was yakking on and on about my Stewey. This lovely lady came around one of the corners and said "Excuse me, but are you?" I was so tickled that I immediately made a boob of myself gushing all over the place that I am indeed the Spinster Stitcher and LOOK, HERE'S AUNT CHRISSY!!!! (By the way, she was THRILLED to be introduced as such.)

Anywhoose....I am so delighted when somebody comes up and says hello and I hope you don't think me a complete social incompetent when I just start babbling away like I've known you forever. I'm terminally shy, don't you know, so I find myself in full-on flop sweat "Gee, if I keep talking they won't figure out what an idiot I am" kind of mode. I love it when I get to meet a fellow stitcher! Can you imagine what would happen if we were all rounded up in one place? I would probably faint away from the sheer delight of it all.

So today has me thinking that I will do a re-do of the Fall Stitching Basket. I'm making good progress on LHN's "Reading", but as you will recall, it's not on my original list of stuff I want to be doing. I did pick up a few new things as HOS, so methinks some serious stashy pawing will have to commence. Chrissy and I will probably head up to the studio and play today. I can't think of any better medicine for her.

We went for pizza and salad at a joint in the HOS complex and the funniest thing happened. When I ordered my salad, I asked if the Creamy Italian dressing was lo-cal or fat free. Now, I normally wouldn't think this question would cause anybody any trouble, but the waitress apparently didn't understand one word of what I was asking her. So I repeated myself. Again. And again. What was funny about it, was rather than saying "Gee, madam, I have no idea what the hell you're asking me", she just kind of stood there in a trance staring at me. I'm not kidding. She didn't talk. Or blink. Or smile. Or do anything that would remotely make me think I was on the right planet for salad and pizza. Chrissy even jumped in to see if she could translate, but the stare continued for about 47 minutes. Weird. Very weird. Needless to say, the pizza was fabulous, but the salad dressing sucked.

Off to the studio! Have a fabulous day!


  1. Your (and Steweys) fame are obviously spreading!

    I had the same kind of problem in a restaurant in Coral Gables. I asked for water - yes plain and ordinary water but I suppose in my very British accent I asked for wa-h-ter instead of wa-ter. The guy looked at me blankly, walked off and got someone else who also didn't understand me. Eventually they fetched someone who understood what I said and brought me water and then asked if I was Russian!

  2. It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I don't usually go around introducing myself to people I've never met before either, so I was embarrassed too! But it made my trip to HOS even more successful than it already was.

  3. I love to read your blog...love hearing about Stewey...can't even imagine you are shy..you seem so funny and direct on your blog.....I am on the other side of the coin with the not understanding - my husband took me to meet some of his friends in Saginaw, MI and we all went out to eat for dinner...the waitress came around the table and asked if we wanted soup or juice..my comment was "What is superjuice"...first time meeting these people I'll bet they thought I was a dunce. My brother-in-law & family lives in Elkhart which I believe is near you!

  4. I'm the opposite. When I meet blogreaders in real life I could just die. I mean they read the things I say.

  5. glad you were celebrated
    as you and your family are famous in my blog favorites list

    just wanted to tell you thanks for a post of yours in the past
    i am now happily stitching away on my daisy daisy heart from lori markovic
    i searched and searched for that sucker
    then decided... email her!.. but how?
    and your blog got me there
    she was wonderful
    her patterns gorgeous
    thanks and smiles

  6. WOW...you were recognized as the local celebrity?! I'm impressed...BIG TIME!

  7. Gosh, you could have come to my house to clean and organize. We're having company Friday, and the house is not in good shape.

    How neat to be recognized by a fellow blogger!

  8. Oh shoot! I missed a trip to HOS! I could have been your entourage!!

    LOL... I think your waitress was suffering from what I like to call "brain goodbye"!