Oct 2, 2008


So here's my progress on LHN's "Reading". I felt kinda' funny about putting the word "reading" on this, so I slapped my big ass initials on it instead. Methinks it turned out OK. I also changed the color of the birds, since the chart called for the same purple-y color as the skirt. I thought blue might be nice, and I like the results.

I've always been an avid reader. As a matter of fact, I won a reading contest in the second grade and was rewarded with lunch on the Good Ship Lollipop with the Pittsburgh Steelers. (We lived in Pittsburgh at the time, and it was during the "Steel Curtain" days, so I guess it was a big deal). Franco Harris was my special buddy and I spent the entire day with him. I'm sure there's photographic evidence of this somewhere, but I probably looked like a little water buffalo and I'd rather remember myself as being strikingly interesting.

Reading was always my salvation when the cares of the world got to be too much. I think I spent the majority of my adolescence out on the back porch swings with my nose in a book. I was never told what to read or what not to read, and I can remember when Mom bailed me out of detention for reading the John Jakes book "The Bastard". It was the scandal of eighth grade until somebody pointed out that it was actually a novel that took place during the Civil War and it just wasn't that sexy.

When all the girls were passing "Forever" around (you know...the Judy Blume book about S-E-X), my Mom actually asked me if I had read it yet and whether or not there was anything in it that I wanted to talk about. To this day, I haven't read the damn thing for fear that I might have to DISCUSS it with somebody. (Although Mom has been gone for over 20 years now and I'm pretty sure she figures I got my "talk" already.)

I read every night before I fall asleep, and if he's been a good boy, I will read aloud to Stewey. I'm pretty sure that his taste in literature is a little different than mine, but he puts up with it and listens quietly anyway.

Speaking of Mr. TippyToes, I need to get his sweatshirt out of the dryer and let him outside for a potty break. He's been prancing around the house all morning and all I can hear is the click click clickety click click of his little toes on the hardwood. Damn dog.


  1. Looking good Coni :o)
    I'm a reader too....I don't know what county you are in...sorry....probably could figure it out...but I'm too lazy...but do you know about INCOLSA? Link Here: http://incolsa.lib.overdrive.com/1385AF9C-5E2F-491C-8A4A-3118F4B689D2/10/253/en/default.htm
    You can actually read AND stitch with this get-up...check it out...its "connecting Indiana Libraries" :o)

  2. Great finish, love the changes you made to it.
    Fancy you being a superstar and getting recognised, did she ask for an autograph LOL

  3. Looks great, love the little bluebirds.

  4. LOL - that J.Blume book is on the banned & challenged list. I read it : ) Then, after looking at the ALA list, I think I've read a lot of them!!

    Enjoy the day -- lovely stitching : )

  5. Ah... The Bastard! I remember reading that one! My copy had a picture of Andrew Stevens on the front... I was totally in lurve with him!

  6. Oh yeah.. I read Forever - about 10 times. If its the book I'm thinking of, all I remember is the part where they were trying to clean up the sheets....

    I think we were teen twins - reading constantly to escape!! :D

    Great changes on the birds - your stitching looks great...

  7. I Mr Tippy Toes the dog?I love that pic of the dog. LOL

  8. Your LHN's Reading is very nice. I love the blue. I think putting your initials on the piece is a great idea. I think you might have started something...maybe we all should start up a Round Robbin of blocks like this...just a thought. Please take a picture of Stewey in his sweat shirt, I think that would be so cute. Love your blog. You always make me smile!

  9. I forgot about that book! I remember reading it. It was scandalous! Now they have the A-List series and Gossip Girl. you should read and start a blog to discuss it! LOL

  10. I love the color change you made to the birds. I love my books too.