Sep 29, 2008


If I knew how to pronounce it, I would say that I'm suffering from a good case of ennui this morning. Bo-ring. Yawn. Ho hum dee dum.
I did a little bit of stitching this weekend, but not much. Friday night was devoted to "Indian Summer" and Saturday found me up in the studio rummaging around in the "Misc" basket looking for something small and fun. Out came "Reading" by LHN.
I'm stitching this on 28 count Natural Pearl linen, and I must say that is DIVINE. Very lovely in the hand and nice to work with. The Crescent Colors are also nice and the overall experience is definitely an A+.
Nothing much is blowing my skirt up today. Kind of a cloudy, gloomy Monday. I'm going to brew a pot and see if I can perk up a little bit before the day is done.


  1. Both the WIP's look great. I have the LHN in my pile to stitch.

  2. Oh, neat - I've never seen that LHN one before. Now I have to have it!
    ...I'm not sure if I should thank you for the enabling or not...
    both of your projects look wonderful!!!

  3. Hi Coni,

    I keep looking at the LHN "Reading" chart as both DD and I are avid readers. Hmmmm might have to pick that one up the next time I'm at the LNS which should be later this week.

    Love Laura's designs!

    By the way, did you ever make it over to the "City Stitcher"? Any new "Heartstring" canvases? Inquiring minds want to know... :-)

    Windy Meadow

  4. Your Indian Summer is looking great.