Sep 16, 2008


So here's the pic of my progress on LJP'S "Equilibrium". This thing is just a blast to stitch, but I have to confess a dirty little secret....

I glued.

Some of the metallics just wouldn't stay put. No matter how hard I tried to tuck 'em, they just kept coming loose and I would discover that they had magically unstitched themselves in the middle of the night.

So I glued 'em to within an inch of their miserable little lives.

Yup. Glue. Now before you go having a heart attack on me, please understand that I did use archival/appropriate/OK for fibers fabric glue and not whatever tube of old Krazy Glue I had hanging around the house. Besides....I'm pretty sure that Stewey will be more concerned with his trust fund than he will be with setting up a stitchy museum upon my demise, so these things don't necessarily need to last into perpetuity now, do they?

So I'm all glued up and everything is as it should be. Only a few more areas to go and I will Happy Dance myself all over the place.
This is the "Stars For a New Millennium" that I was talking about the other day. Upon closer inspection, methinks this one will need to have some SERIOUS consideration as to colors/threads before I go off half-cocked and start stitching. There are twelve blocks....perhaps one a month for 2009? Ooooooh, that would mean that I actually would have to think about stitchy goals and schedules and planning and such. Heavy heavy sigh.

Not sure what will be on the agenda next. I am thinking about some cross stitch so I can give my fingers a rest. In addition to being covered in glue (see above), for some reason they're a little sore from pulling through the canvas. That does happen to me sometimes, and all I need is a few days with some linen and I'm right as rain again.

Happy Tuesday, kids! From my stitchy chair to yours....I send you love and best stitches!


  1. Coni, this is just so beautiful! I love the colors! Congrats. One block a month for 2009 sounds like fun! Love that one as well.

  2. I use sticky board to mount pieces for framing instead of lacing them. Perhaps we should start a support group.

  3. I use glue and knots, if I can't see it on the front it's ok with me!!!

  4. Your Equilibrium is absolutely stunning!!! And I just love reading your posts :-)))
    I'm looking forward to watching the progress on your new piece. Let's see what confessions you'll come up with then ;-)
    Happy stitching,

  5. Wow, that is so pretty. I say use whatever works.

  6. It's gorgeous Coni, congratulations. I won't tell if you don't :)

  7. Glue can be your friend. I even have a tube of the Japanese stuff that they use on goldwork for just this reason.

    Beautiful pieces, btw.