Sep 15, 2008


So I've been trying to load pics of my progress on "Equilibrium" for over two hours now. Blogger is either a) on the fritz or b) I'm a total boob and shouldn't be allowed to use one of these silly machines.

The progress is lovely, I swear. I'm almost finished and must confess that this has been one of my very favorite stitchy projects. Ever. I learned some new techniques, played around with threads I never would have tried on my own (like Treasure Braid Petite...who knew?), and managed to watch quite a bit of TeeVee and not do too much frogging at all. Very very satisfying.

So I will try again tomorrow to post so that you can all Happy Dance along with me. Woo Hoo!

Oh, and PS...yup, we got eleventy-seven inches of rain. Stewey built a little ark and put all of his toys on it for safekeeping, and he even wore his little rain boots without too much fuss. Sigh.


  1. Hi Coni,
    Have just discovered your blog and have to say that I love hearing about both yours and Stewey's adventures. I have a mental picture of Stewey standing on the bridge of an ark with a staff in his hand as the boat rides the torrential rain....what a hoot. Anyhow, now that I've discovered your blog I will definately keep reading. Say hi to Stewey for me...

  2. Phew - glad you are back. You were within a day of us having to call the authorities (as you requested in your last para) to inform them that you had abducted Stewey** and gone AWOL and left your blog-readers in a serious state of withdrawal.
    ** I know Stewey would have posted to let us know he was ok - he cares about his fans :)

  3. Just think how excited we all are to see this 'best ever' project, we'll at be on tenterhooks till the pic arrives now ....

  4. Sometimes I have a similar problem posting photos on Blogger. It isn't you.

    Hope you dry out soon!

  5. Hello there. I also found your blog today, courtesy of Google Reader who normally thinks I want to read about teenaged angst or old guys and their motorcycle lust.

    Hope this means it is getting to know me.

    However, that is not here or there. I am actually here to cheer you on with painted canvases. They just need a bit of practice to get comfortable with. Read up about them on ANG, then yell if you get stuck.

    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow where I have two dogs who don't have lawyers. Yet

  6. Almost forgot. Yes, Tony Minieri loves compound stitches. You'll do layer upon layer with Stars. I have it in my stash to work on. My colors are black, violet, terracotta and copper. I must have lost my mind!

  7. only eleventy-seven inches??? So arc worthy.

    argh. I'm sick of the water everyplace.

    I'm going into LaPorte tomorrow. I need a haircut & Orn magazine & suff (ok, maybe not need -- just want)