Sep 17, 2008


It all started innocently enough. Stewey and I were just finishing our after-dinner fruit cups when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year.

"A Jonas Brother", he replied after peeling a small green grape.

"A what?"

"A Jonas Brother. Mo-ther, don't you know anything at all about the current state of popular culture?"

Apparently, I live in a cave and have only my stitching and wall drawings for company, because I, Miss Coni J. Rich Her Very Self have never heard of or seen whatever it is that constitutes a Jonas Brother.

So I googled them.

Turns out my Puppy Tot is actually an eleven year old girl.

Bosco, as luck would have it, is quite a normal dog and decided that he just wants to be Batman. Or Speed Racer. Or any other character that will result in him being fed an inordinate amount of treats in a short period of time.

Oh well. I couldn't keep him a baby forever. It seems like just yesterday that he was still wearing his Target onesies with the bottom cut off to accommodate his little tail. Now, I'm lucky if he'll even THINK about wearing "kiddie" pajamas.

And yes, in case you're wondering....all of this is a shameless attempt to distract you from the fact that I don't have a stitchy pic to show tonight. I am THIS close to finishing "Equilibrium", but I keep putting it away for the night because I don't want the fun to end! Methinks I am going to either a) do this again in a different colorway or b) take a gander at some of the other charts in this particular collection. Either way I know it looks like I'll just HAVE to break out the stash over the weekend and paw through canvas, charts, and threads. Oh, damn.

I'm off to watch "Martha" and then "Whatever Martha" again. I taped them, but caught a bit of each when I was channel surfing. "Whatever Martha" is a hoot....Martha's daughter and her friend Jennifer watch old Martha segments and then comment on them. I confess to having a girl crush on the lot of them.

Speaking of girl crushes.....I see that my girl Ina will be back with new episodes in October. I swear I have seen every single "Barefoot Contessa" episode at least eighty-eleven times, but I just can't get enough! Where's that damn genie to blink me into the Hamptons with a lovely husband and all the LeCreusert I could use in a day? Why can't I just quit screwing around and just go BE Ina? Why can't I wake up in her guest room to the smells of blueberry scones baking and a lovely cuppa' fresh French Roast on the nightstand beside me? Why? Why?


  1. My soon to be 11 y.o. girl LOVES the Jonas brothers...I think they need to take a good bath and get the gel out of their hair and shave their peach fuzz...

    I used to love Martha and then I read a book about how crappy she can be with people and sort of "got over" her...

    But I'm with you on being Ina (or just living with her) any fat girl that can cook and land a house, kitchen and a man that acts like you are his dream come true is good 'nough for me :o)

  2. comment sounds a little harsh for Ina, calling her fat...but I'm a fat girl too, so its all in sisterhood of the fatties...

  3. I have a 10 y.o. and she can't stand the Jonas Bros. Wonder why? I've asked her and all I get are shoulder shrugs. *rolls eyes*

    I just wish I could afford Martha's staff to redecorate my home. They do all the work after all...