Sep 10, 2008


When we last left our heroine, she was hopping about with her stitchy supplies neatly towed in her 8th necessary, shouting "Look at me! Look at me!".

Today we find her in a more sedate state, but nonetheless off her nut.

Here's a few pics of my stitchy journal. Now, by journal, I mean the scrapbook that I keep of finished projects. When I've put the last stitch in place and pulled the item off its q-snaps or stretcher bars, I run right upstairs into the studio and take a pic and fill out a journal page. Then, on a rainy day, I "scrapbook" the pic to make it all purty-like and I put it into a journal.

This, of course, is completely separate from the stitchy journal that is actually a date book. In this stitchy journal, I write down what I did that day and maybe what I watched while stitching, or maybe some ridiculously profound thought that came to me while organizing something for the eighty-eleventh time.

Then there's THIS journal, which tells y'all how crazy I really am. You see, for me it's all about the organizing and the journaling, and the bloggy reading goodness that occupies at least eighteen hours of my day. The actual stitching is just a bonus. It's all of the other crazy cracker-ass crap that I do to get READY for stitching that convinces me that I should be put on a barge and floated off the coast of a large, yet friendly country.

"Equilibrium" is progressing nicely and I am loving every minute of it. Who knew that composite stitches would be my thing? I've been holding on to Tony Minieri's "Stars For a New Millenium" for months now, but maybe it's time to dust it off and give it a try? From what I can tell, Mr. Tony His Very Self is just nutty for those composite stitches.

And, for all of you movie buffs out there (waving "hi" to Edgar and Kendra), the theme of this piece is stars from Hollywood's Golden Age. The stars/block are linked by a movie in which they both starred. So there's Marilyn Monrow, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando, and many others! Cool, huh? If I can get thread pulled and some blank canvas purchased, I might actually jump into this one, although I promised myself that I would use it as a BAP for 2009. Oh well, we'll see.

EDITED TO ADD: Marilyn MonroW! Tee Hee! Now before you think me a complete nincompoop, please observe that the W key is right smack dab next to the E key on the typing machine. Stubby do the math.

ALSO EDITED TO ADD: Ruth, the magnet thingies that I use on my projects are....wait for it....magnets! You can buy small round or square magnets at your LNS. Usually they're pretty plain, so I tart mine up with a dab of bead glue and a pretty gem of some sort or another. Then, if I'm feeling really sassy, I'll match my tarted up magnet to my scisssor fob!

Back to the laundry room! I left the piles neatly in place for the laundry elves to come along last night, but the little bastards didn't show up. Sigh. I'd make Stewey do it, but he's all thumbs when it comes to folding the sheets, and he leaves a fine patina of white downey fur on everything he touches, so alas, I am left to do it myself. If I'm not back in a week or so, please call the authorities.


  1. Good Lord! Those are pretty cool, I wish I had thought of doing something like that way back when.
    At the Silver Needle they just added a stitchers something or other by Jeanette Douglas I think.

  2. I love your stitching journal! See my own stitching scrapbook on my blog; not quite as detail oriented or complete as your own but it includes some actual needlework and most recently some stitchy photos.

  3. You have me laughing out loud as usual ~ you are such a stitch- ha! No pun intended. I was thinking today that perhaps I ought to start a stitchy journal.

    What are the little magnet looking things on your canvas work?

  4. Hi! I just found your blog today through a link on another blog and I've had a great time reading your posts. Your projects are all beautiful!! I look forward to coming back to see more. :-)

  5. I've had the idea of a stitching scrapbook, but I've just never done it. If I don't, one of these days I'll regret it...

    I'd love to see the movie stars piece! Sounds interesting.

  6. A great idea to keep stitchy journals!
    The elves never turn up here either - I am considering employing pixies now!

  7. The journal is a great idea! I wish I had taken pictures of all my old projects that were given away.

    I am new to your blog and you are hilarious. I will visit often.

  8. Hi Coni,

    LOL! As usual! :-)

    I am impressed with your journaling! I'm doing good if I write down a few notes though I'm trying to do better this year which is kind of happening... :-)

    Enjoyed the post on your stitching necessary though I must admit, I travel pretty light. This might be because I learned how to stitch sooooo long ago when I was verrrrrryyyyy young, when basically you had a needle, scissors, and Paternayan yarn! :-)

    I do like the new gadgets and I do have quite a few but I still stitch with the basics though I've been using a laying tool for years. I've found that I enjoy purchasing/collecting Needle Minders/Magnets. Never decided to collect them but I finally realized that I have quite a few that I've picked up over the years. Especially the Kelmscott ones. Scroll down on their home page to see all of the goodies.

    And the needle magents are here;

    I also have Tony Minieri's "Stars For a New Millenium" which I haven't started though I've seen many stitched canvases in different colorways. That is definitely a "BIG PROJECT".

    Laundry isn't a problem in our house. My husband relaxes by doing the laundry, yes it's true. The teenagers do the rest and sorry we don't live near you. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  9. Your journal and scrapbook are very nice. I have stitching journal as well, but not as updated as it should be.

    Your stitching is lovely as always.

  10. My God, woman. You have got some stitching supplies if I do say so myself. I have a clock, a teacup (for my orts) and whatever other stuff I can pile on, based on the project. Of course, after 6pm none of that stitching stuff takes precedence over a glass of wine.