Aug 29, 2008


This is the lovely "Falling Leaves" from Laura J. Perin. As you can see from the pic * , I have about 95% of it completed. Only four borders to go! I'm using Needle Necessities (now Threadworx) variegated floss and DMC#5 perle cotton. Methinks if I put my mind to it, this one will be ready for the framer by the end of the holiday weekend! Woo Hoo! What a great kick-off to my Fall stitching!

*EDITED TO ADD: Damnit, Gumby! I just had the picture here a minute ago! Talk amongst yourselves while I try to figure out where the hell it went.
Oh drat I can't find it. I'll have to show it to you later. Sigh.

I've also decided to ask for help with the "Bohemian Paisley" canvas, so I ordered a stitch guide. Unfortunately, I've never taken any needlepoint classes, so my ability to pick stitches and fibers for painted canvases isn't very good. I also suffer from a complete lack of confidence when it comes to doing it, so I figured I'd start with some help and then move on from there. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it so much that I'll get stitch guides for all of those lovely canvases languishing away in my stash?

Today is the semi-finals of the Doozie Ball world championships, so I have to go carbo-load. Stewey and I are tied at 5 matches apiece, so I am determined to teach the little squirt a lesson. Here we are on the practice pitch getting ready for the first kick-off.As you can see, my opponent is pretty formidable. Besides...he cheats.Here he is after a technical time-out due to the Doozie becoming trapped under the computer armoire. That's a two point penalty and requires the use of the stick (that would be the feather duster in real life) to get the ball back in play. Fortunately for us, Aunt Chrissy will be here shortly for dinner, so we'll have to take a break for the halftime festivities. Rumor has it that Sir Elton John will be performing and BLT's and pasta salad will be served in the concession stand.

Tune in to your local station for tournament results, or check out ESPN's whistle to whistle coverage.

For those of us in the good 'ol US of A, Happy Labor Day! For everybody else, Happy Weekend!


  1. Coni - You are just so funny. I look forward to every post. There is a needlepoint shop in Mishawaka that I visited this summer. The owner said she gives one on one lessons so I am sure she could help you with you project. I think it was called Needle Nest.

    Have a nice week-end. Teresa

  2. I can't wait to hear the tournament results!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hope the tournament doesn't get rough.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Bohemian Paisley. Have fun with the tournment!

  5. 6 matches apiece?? Crikey, that leaves you both with everything to play for........

    Coni, are you *absolutely certain* that the little chap cheats - he looks like a nice, wholesome, boy next door to me..... :-)

    Lovely stitching and your blog makes me laugh *so much* every time I visit (which is most days recently). Have a good weekend!

    Jackie x

  6. oops, excuse me *5* matches each - still everything to play for though! :-)

    Just wanted to ask......what actually IS a 'doozy ball'? How is it different from an ordinary ball? Not seen them here in Emgland......

    Jackie xx

  7. I know absolutely nothing about needlepoint, but my goodness, that's a gorgeous canvas!

    Good luck in your Doozie Ball match!

  8. Go Stewey .... i hope you win!

  9. Hi Coni: Did you see the Gift of Stitching mag is looking for a columnist? A paid columnist? You'd be good at it!!! : )

    Enjoy the holiday