Aug 14, 2008


Judges decided. Stripped of medals and sent home. Tears, hair pulling, and head-hanging. Packed with bellboy watching that I didn't take the soap. Cab driver asked how I fared in competitions. Sobbed quietly while boarding flight home. Coach. No movie, blanket, or pillow. Home to empty house. Town cancels welcome home parade. Stench of failure so bad I have to move.

We must never speak of this again.


  1. I say you deserve a medal just for trying that gosh darn project.

  2. I think you should consider yourself like that gymnast on the the US team who sprained her ankle in the warm up practice minutes before the competition started. You were there, you were ready, you had supplies -- was it YOUR fault you couldn't follow bad instructions? Hardly.

    Could you win a gold medal if the balance beam was faulty? Compete if the bars were uneven? (well, wait, you know what I mean.) An athlete can only do so much with faulty equipment.

    When all else fails, blame the equipment.

    And now go stitch a design by Laura Perin. (She's my sister btw!!!)

  3. Disqualified, eh...well, at least it wasn't for doping. (I hope...LOL)

  4. Coni: I feel your pain....
    Can you salvage it by turning it into a dog collar for Stewie?
    (How 'bout a #$%@$ needlept chew toy??)

  5. LOL. Maybe another olympics in 4 years?

    On another topic, did you meet Karol at the La-d-da workshop? She just started blogging. her addy: