Aug 14, 2008


Well, the Olympic Judging Committee is in conference to determine whether or not I can continue to compete in The Games. I've received several warnings and "bad form" reprimands from my team coach, and it looks like I might be sent home. Oh, the shame of it all.

This #&@$*#&-ing project is causing me waaaaay too much angst to qualify as a pleasant pastime anymore. With each block I am increasingly angry that I decided to do this damn thing, and I just want to chuck it all and start something new.

I confess...I was drawn in by the pretty picture on the cover and my heart swelled with national pride as I daydreamed about me sitting in the Happy Chair cheering the US on to victory while happily stitching away. I imagined the crowd's roar as the piece was presented for framing, and I drooled over the thought that every single person who entered Chez Spinster would be agog over the amazing piece of stitchy-ness hanging in the hallway. Hells Bells, I even thought of dedicating a whole new wing to this piece, heretofore called the "Spinster Stitcher Goddess Project That Is The Most Wonderful Thing On The Planet" wing.

I should have just read the damn thing, and then I would have realized that this is NOT a stitch guide, per se. It's a pretty picture of a flag, a list of threads that the author used (which, by the way were a bloody $#&%^ fortune!), and then 247 stitch "suggestions" that you can put in the boxes. With all due respect to Ms. Donegan, I was kinda' hoping that I'd get a little more direction for a piece of this size, but, then again, I am extremely high maintenance when it comes to "stitching it correctly".

I'm thinking that if I would have started with the painted canvas then I'd be standing on the podium clutching those daffodils and kissing a medal. But as it is, I'm standing in my driveway clutching my fists and kissing nothing.

Maybe I should just have a cocktail and go with the flow. (That would be swell if I cocktailed and went flow-wise). As I mentioned in a previous post, I am so determined to keep going on this because I really AM the type of person who says "screw it" and quits at least eleventy-seven times a day. This thing represented a new leaf for me. (You would think I could have picked an easier thing to work on, like nuclear fission or folding the clothes in the dryer without needing an act of Congress to do so, but this is me we're talking about.)

I'm chalking it all up to PMS.....Project Mental Strain. A few Midol and I should be just fine. Let's just hope the judges show pity on me.

Stay tuned, loyal viewers. The final decision will be handed down within the next 24-hours. In the meantime, Stewey and I are heading over to the pool to see the teeney weeney bathing suits on the mens' synchro diving teams. (Geeze, Louise...those things give "tuck" a whole new meaning.)

"I can't take it anymore. Maybe if I just lie here quietly, she'll go away."


  1. Hee! I had hoped to start that very piece for my informal Olympic project as well, but, luckily, I noticed your first post about the (&*^%(%&$ piece. I even have the pretty painted canvas all placed on my stretcher bars, but I have run from it in fear and have chosen to instead complete my BA White Tiger instead.

    The book IS a mess in that it only gives one picture per stitch instead of any instructional diagrams. I, too, was suckered in by the pretty, shiny picture on the cover. I think I'll pull out another stitch guide.

    Hang in there! The tire marks might make a rebellious political statement in the election come November!!! =)

  2. I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time with your project. I hate when something is so complicated it takes the fun out of it.
    I love your comment about the swim suits. LOL

  3. I want one of the suits, too -- I'd like to keep everything tucked in under my clothing & looks multiple lbs thinner!!

    go NASA, the women of the states await