Aug 15, 2008


Ahhhh, bliss. Since abandoning THE PROJECT WHICH MUST NOT BE NAMED, I am back in the Happy Chair and loving stitchy life once again.

I happy-danced my way to finishing the Blackwork Mystery from Laura J. Perin. I don't think you can see the metallic very well, but it sure is purty in real life.

Metallic threads are normally the bane of my existence and I avoid them like the plague. Thanks to a stitchy Goddess friend, Miss Jean Her Very Self, I finally got the right tools to stitch with metallics. Have you seen these?

Well, let me tell you...these little gizmos are going to change the way I stitch. All those drawers full of metallic threads that have languished over the years are now going to get a workout! All you do is wrap an end of your thread around each one of these and then gently pull to get the bounce and kink out of the thread. Magic! I never in a million years thought I would use Kreinik without needing an emergency trip to the therapist's office, but viola', I used it last night and enjoyed every stitchy minute of it.

I also made some nice progress on Joyful Summer, and it shouldn't be too long before I can break out the beads and tart that thing right up.

Aunt Chrissy and I will be loading up the car for the Midwest Stash Exchange tomorrow. If you stop by, we'll be at the entrance table collecting your hard-earned cash. They say it's supposed to be beautiful weather...woo hoo!

Off to PetSmart for Stewey's spa day. He's extremely fastidious about his appearance and personal hygiene, and he asked me to take him in for a little spiff up today. He'll have a b-a-t-h and get his nail trimmed. If he's really good, they'll give him a little spritz of GameTime cologne and then I won't be able to leave the damn dog alone.

So from my Spinster Stitcher Studio to yours, I wish you love and best stitches! (Oh, tee hee! I just made a typo there and said "love and best bitches! Woops.)


  1. Have fun at the midwest stash exchange tomorrow. Make sure somebody draws my name out of the hat for the raffle!

  2. I love your blog. I look forward to reading it every day. I have trouble (hate) stitching with metallic threads too. What are those gizmos for straightening called and where can I buy one? -Nancy

  3. Don'tcha love new gadgets!

    Hoping to make it to the exchange tomorrow. This will be my first solo trip to Indiana, so fingers crossed I don't get too lost!

  4. Have a great day at the spa - oh this message is for Stewey - and we need to see pictures of the new you!

    And you have a good day at the stash exchange too Coni!

  5. Just what exactly are those little "gizmos" for taming metallic threads. And where do you get them???? Please tell....

  6. Congrats on your lovely finish.
    OOH a new gadget, I will have to look for those. I tend to stay away from metallics also.
    Have fun at the stash exchange. Hope Stewey had a fun time at the spa.

  7. Ok- count me in- I HAVE TO know what those gizmos are and where I can get them!!!!!
    Metallics make me want to stab myself in the eye with my needle!

    (Did you use brown or copper metallic?) Anyway, I love the colors on this - thanks so much for stitching it!!!

    (Did you use brown or copper metallic?) Anyway, I love the colors on this - thanks so much for stitching it!!!

  10. Coni, I have some info for you, but I don't have your e-mail address. Please reply to this comment, or leave me a comment on my blog. Thanks!

  11. OK, you are holding out on 'us' what exactly are the gizmos???

    And, do they sorta work like koma spools??

    Pictures!! Tutorial!! LOL

  12. Coni

    It was fun to meet you at the midwest stash exchange today! I'm Teresa with the same Vera Bradley bag as you. Can you tell me again what storage container you had inside your Vera Bradley Little Travel Case? Thanks

  13. Hi Coni,

    I imagine everyone's asking in
    their posts already, but I'm
    asking too...where'd you get
    that tool for straightening
    metalic thread??? This is a
    much needed treasure. I too
    avoid metalic thread like the
    plague because they're so dang
    frustrating to use.

    Glad to hear that you've
    resolved your stitching
    problems, made your decision,
    and moved on to other things.

    Welcome back to the light
    side of the force again.
    Stitch and be happy young
    needle worker!


  14. I have those little doohickeys for straightening floss. I can't make them work. For real.

  15. I'm curious to know what the new thread gadget is, also! It looks interesting!

  16. Hi Coni,

    Congratulations on finishing your mystery!

    Windy Meadow