Jun 11, 2008


Hi Kids! In the interest of being polite and answering some of the questions I've received via comments, I hereby post the following:

My bookshelves come from a company called Shelf Expressions. You can access them online. Tell 'em I sent ya! My shelves are actually combinations of short, medium, and talls. They are completely adjustable and are quite perfect for my space:

I read/lurked on almost 300 blogs for a year before I started this here blog and before I went "public". Thanks to Vonna/The Twisted Stitcher and Anna/Stitch Bitch for input and publicity!

In the interest of paying that input/publicity forward, please visit: http://www.sunflowercross.blogspot.com/ for yet another lovely Hoosier stitchy goddess!

Yes, methinks a get together would be simply fabulous! At the moment, I am involved in planning the House of Stitches Midwest Stash Exchange on August 16th, so perhaps we could all meet there?

If you'd like a stitchy room like mine, all you need is a label maker and some containers. Then watch Helen Buttigieg on "NEAT" and organize to your heart's content! Actually, I found that putting "like with like" and then figuring out how I use the stuff before purchasing the containers worked best.

Craft Night Gone Awry is a pretty regular occurrence here at Chez Spinster Studio. Usually the result of watching too much HGTV and standing in the Michael's aisles saying "Well, heck, I can do that."

Mishawaka Fire Department visit was courtesy of my friend Cheryl about ten years ago. She was a candle consultant at the time and asked me to host a party. Synopsis: old apartment, old fireplace with tricky flue, rooms full of smoke, twelve ladies out on the front lawn with martini glasses in hand to greet the nineteen trucks, pumpers, and squad cars that responded to my "it's not really an emergency, per se" call. The best part of the evening was when the Mishawaka Fire Chief said "Lady, I've seen a lot of ways for women to meet men, but this one takes the cake."

Moms with children...yes! I had one too! And all walks are welcome here.


  1. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

  2. LOL! Thanx for making me laugh. That short story was just hilarious. I love your writing style.

  3. Not just a short story, but a VERY true one, as I Cheryl, the friend who talked Coni into the candle party, can attest to!! We still laugh about that moment all these years later!!! Love Ya CJ!! Boombatz!

  4. You rock my world. I have been found on my blog and now have new visitors. Now I have to take a constant peak at my blog when I should be working. Thank you for the annoucement.

  5. Just found your blog and I love it! Your stitching is beautiful!

  6. Interesting... I'm going to have to book a candle party myself! :-)

  7. What fantastic bookshelves.

    Love your blog thanks to daffycat :)