Jun 11, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen: It's been brought to my attention that my mother insists on including embarrassing stories and pictures of me on her new blog, Spinster Stitcher. While I was wholly supportive of her endeavor to spread her creative wings a bit, I simply cannot abide by the sheer lack of decency that is being perpetuated on me and my reputation with this drivel. My publicist and legal team are in conference now and should have a press release shortly about how we will handle this breech of maternal trust. For now, please disregard that ridiculous photo that is so shamefully being used on the header of this blog. Those are my baby teeth, for crying out loud. How undignified. As for me and my relationship with my mo-ther, please know that I will refrain from any midnight peeing and will conduct myself like the perfect little gentleman than I am.

I do hope that you will continue to enjoy her blog and the entries regarding her handcrafts. As for any further information that she chooses to share with you about me...well, we'll just have to see about that in court.


  1. Awe!!! Your Stewey and my Buddy Lee would have a blast together! How old is Stewey?

  2. Hello Stewey - nice to 'meet' you in person!
    You know what mothers are like - they just have to get out the embarrassing baby pics! But er ... who owns the baby toys in the picture that you posted? :o)
    You are kinda cute - want to date?

  3. Waving at you Stewey from over the pond. Don't you look a cutie pie in that little bathtub!

  4. LOL. Sounds like the reaction from those who spent their childhood at Castle Bliss. Baby pics are part of the deal, little doggie. At least your mama didn't do what I did (by accident) & tell all her students about the day youngest princess peed in a bucket because of a frog in the toilet.