Jun 11, 2008


Oh drat and phooey. I suppose I had better delete "photographer" from the list of things I aspire to be.....please forgive these lousy pics. I promise I will either a) learn how to use this little $&#^* or b) ask Chrissy to borrow her camera right after I sweep this one off the driveway.

Finished "Folk Art Sewing Roll" last night. My sheep are a bit "zaftig", but I suppose sheep can be that way if they want to. There are also some lovely little white stars in the sky, but atmospheric conditions prevent them from being seen clearly, i.e., this bloody camera will surely be the death of me. I also fiddled around with the block containing my initials. I wasn't sure that I liked the flower or the "07" but I came to my senses when I realized that they were stitched 1/1 on 32ct. linen.

A few minor housekeeping details:
Chrissy, I'm sorry, but you're Chrissy. I named you and you are going to stay that way. You can be Crys all you want in the real world, but you're Chrissy to me and always will be. Now for the rest of you out there....please note that my little sister is indeed a very competent, very grow-ass woman of 37 and she has registered an objection to being called "Chrissy". She would prefer me to call her Crys, but, alas, I do not wish to do so. She should just be happy I'm not referring to her as Chrissy Lou and get over it, hmmmm?
Stewey is throwing a big pout today because I screwed up his coif royally. Last night was bath night and I apparently didn't get him properly rinsed off. So today he's sporting a lovely little soap-induced cowlick that has him fretting in front of the mirror all day. He refused to take off his pajamas and told me he might as well carry on with the entire schlumpadink ensemble. Geeze, no need to get huffy about it.
So now I have to decide if I should pick another item from the WIP rotation or start something new. Let me see......oh, who am I kidding? Something new will always win! Stay tuned for the final selection!


  1. Congrats on the finish, it looks great!

    OK OK I am over it, refer to, call me Chrissy all you want, I give up!


  2. The finish looks great. So quick! Loved the Stewie story but may be better with pics? Or would that have really put him over the edge? (lol)

    Cant wait to see what wins for your next project.

  3. Personally, I like Chrissy. I'll have to remember "Crys" in August!!!

    Taking digital pix is quite a challenge. I swear it is the lighting & trying to keep the camera STILL.

    I try to snap a couple & then select the best -- good luck!!! And, I hope your camera doesn't end up on the drive

  4. PS. Crys, you have to enable your profile so all of us can visit YOUR BLOG, too.

  5. Great finish. I love the rose on the back

  6. Crys, don't worry 'bout it...my sister pitches a hissy every time I call her Carolsy but I still do it. You can't win.

    Coni, your finish looks fab!

  7. Congrats on your great finish.

  8. This piece is so charming!

  9. Please let Chrissy know that it took everything I had to refer to her as Crys, rather than Chrissy, when I introduced her to Coy for the website work. Somehow Crissy just sounds right.