Jun 30, 2008


Wow. I was all over the place with stitching this weekend. I suppose it didn't help that I discovered BLENDED GREEN TEA LEMONADE at my local Starbucks. We pulled up to the drive-through and I asked for something "cool and invigorating" and the handsome boy at the window furthered my addiction. Bliss.

Saturday was a finishing day for us. Chrissy made beautiful pin keeps out of several of her Shepard's Bush Monthly Musings. Shepard's Bush is her favorite designer and someday we will go to the store and just stand there holding hands in awe. I would post pics, but I should probably get permission from her first.

As for me, I made four thingies! I pin-keeped two charts: "Faith" and "Cottage Garden", re-fixed my Glory scissor keep with new cording and ribbon from JoAnns, and made an "I don't know what" with the salvaged parts from my Friday mess. Fortunately I stopped while I was ahead and called it a night.

I also have TWO new starts for the weekend. "Joyful Summer" by CCN and "Garden Pleasures" by LHN. Really strange for me to start two new things, but I'm enjoying both.

So today is Monday and methinks I should get back into rotation. I have almost 30 open WIP's and I know I would feel better if I worked on one this week. I did add all of the new starts to the list, so there is the possibility I might pick one of them.....drum roll please.......and the pick is: BIG RED SUNFLOWER!

This is a painted canvas that Chrissy gifted me with several Christmases ago. I am using lovely threads for this one and it will be really pretty when finished. It's a biggie...20" X 20", so I probably won't be doing a lot of toting this one around.

Well, that's a long enough post for the day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love both of your new starts. I've not seen Garden Pleasures before. Very cute.

  2. Shepherd's Bush is a fabulous place! My husband and I went to Ogden on a birding vacation a couple of years ago, and our hotel was just a couple of blocks from the store. I made two trips there, and spent way too much money.

    Tina, who was born in Mishawaka, about 55 years ago.

  3. Lovely finishes and I love your scissor keep it ,looks great.
    Shall we SAL together on Garden Pleasures as we are both doing it?

  4. Hi Coni,

    Okay, now you have me wanting to go to Shepherd's Bush though I have a lovely LNS in my area. Hmmm... how long would it take to drive from Maryland to Utah?

    Your finishes are just wonderful but where are Chrissy's? Or post links to the designs that she finished. We want more to see!!! :-)

    I love the canvas sunflower. Okay, what are you going to do with it? Fancy threads or how about some ribbon embroidery? I see lots of knots or beads for the center of the flower. Lot's of fun possibilities with this design! :-)

    Windy Meadow