Jun 28, 2008


I have a head like a rock. I think it's my Greek and Italian heritage that makes me "rather stubborn", but I'd rather not question it. It's managed to work for me thus far, so I suppose I should probably just go with it.

So here is the finished product.....at last. It's all I wanted. A nice little scissor keep to keep my scissors.

An amazing thing happened to me today. Did you know there is a place called JOANN'S? Did you know that they have stuff to make scissor keeps and other what-nots? Did you know that they have aisles upon aisles of rick rack and ribbon and cording?

Did ya'? Huh huh? Did ya'?

Oh man oh manochevitz......I went a little nuts, but methinks I am now fully stocked on all of the crap that will be necessary for yet another craft night gone awry.

So THANK YOU from my pitiful little heart for all of your love and encouragement. It was that good juju that got me through....Y'ALL ROCK!

Oh and P.S.....Chrissy is here and we are going to have an OFFICIAL STITCHER SPINSTER SISTERS STITCHING FINISHING NIGHT!!! News at 11!


  1. Hi, Coni! Just discovered your blog tonight. Your stitched pieces and finishing are beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at your stitching journal slide show. I was especially impressed with the stargazer lily canvas piece. Who is the designer of that one? Please share the details and background on that if you can. I'd really appreciate that. Thanks.

  2. Hi Coni,


    Yes, I know about Joann's and Michael's can be very dangerous also! I spent part of today wandering through Michael's adding items to my wish list so I can pick up what I want when I use my 25% off coupon (includes sale items) tomorrow night from 4:00pm to 9:00pm! I have a list and a credit card and I'll be ready!!! LOL

    I've been involved in a day camp this past week and haven't had much time in the evening so I haven't been able to comment on your recent posts. Just wanted to let you know that after coming home tired, hot, and sweaty, after camp I've enjoyed reading about your and Stewey's adventures!

    Tell Stewey that if things get out of hand there again, he's welcome to come visit Aunt Cyn! The kids would spoil him rotten!!!

    Windy Meadow

  3. YEAH!!!! WTG!! It looks great. Oh yes, you have to watch out when you go into JoAnn's. Congrats on your finish.

  4. Yes, JoAnn's is a wondrous place but you really need to find a Michael's or Hobby Lobby or AC Moore. Beads and trims and ribbons...OH MY!

  5. I wish we had Joann's and Michaels here in the UK. Last October, in Florida, I brought so much stuff I had to mail it home!

    Well done for your scissor pocket - you got there in the end!

    Well, I am a 'sister' (if not yours) but I have a hubby so does that mean I'm not invited? LOL

  6. Yayyy you got there in the end. Hope you had a great night with your sis.
    Wish we had shops like that in the UK, its pretty miserable here for stuff like that at times.

  7. Oh man, I can't wait to see what Officical finishing Night produces! Congrats on finding that mysterious place called Joanns.... I'm sure you'll have many happy hours there. lol

  8. Your scissor keep looks great.

    Did you come across the fabric cuts that are for quilting but, are the perfect size to use to finish stitching things at Jonanns?

  9. This piece turned out great!! Sorry you had such a hard time getting to this point ;)

    Try saying that without spitting out your teeth! Awesome scissor pocket- you go girl!
    I'm on a twelve step program right now for fabric-oli-trim-isism. I have a restraining order against myself to not go any closer than 500 feet to any Joann's, Michael's or AC Moore. (No Hobby Lobbys here in MA-small favor!)
    Love your posts! My Chicken says that Stewey is cute, and wants to know if he's single?

  11. Wonderful finish...your scissor keep looks fabulous!

    I ADORE craft stores, lol ;) It's amazing what kind of trouble you can find in them!!!

  12. Hi Shelley, welcome to CrazyTown! The lily canvas is a "Lee" design and was one of the very first canvases I ever purchased. I used all silk for this one....soie d'alger in various colors. I did do some specialty stitches, but I', not sure if they show up very well. I finished the inside almost two years ago and finally finished the border recently. I was stumped as to what the corner stitches should be, and I finally found one in the shape of a leaf! Come again soon!

  13. I’ve just discovered your blog, and I’m totally in awe of your stitching studio. One day, I aspire to be just like you and have my own!

    I’m proud to call House of Stitches my LNS, too, although I live in Chicago these days (my in-laws live in Long Beach, Indiana, where I also lived for a number of years, but I finally got tired of the commute to Chicago on a daily basis). I hope to be able to attend the Midwest stash exchange on August 16.

  14. I so wish I could get my dear sister to stitch with me, she keeps thinking she won't enjoy it. SIGH

    I need to become an accomplished stitcher and have myself a pin keep and a scissor stash and maybe a chatelaine. If I ever get organized...

  15. Oh, and I'm a combo of Irish and German, we don't call it stubbornness, we call it fortitude. Sounds much more high falutin.