Jun 10, 2008


Here is last night's stitchy progress on "Folk Art Sewing Roll". I bet you're wondering why I didn't stitch the top row of light green grass, right? Well, I did stitch said row of light green grass, but I did it in cross stitch instead of satin stitch and had to rip it all out. That darn Richard Gere.
Note to self: You can't stitch and lust after famous Hollywood movie stars at the same time.
P.S. Could this picture BE any more blurry? Arrrrggggghhhhh.


  1. Good progress blurry or not! I think we've all had a visit from the frog when we are sitting mouth open at the TV and salivating...

  2. I am totally enjoying your blog - !!!! Brava and well done!!!! keep it coming!

    I just love your little man-dog !!


  3. The sheep are darling! Sorry your camera wouldn't cooperate.

    I must be really careful what I'm watching on TV when stitching or I'll be frogging, miss half the show or forget stitching altogether...

  4. I just found your blog and love it. Hope you don't mind me stopping by and reading it. Your stitching is wonderful. I have the same relationship with my digital camera too. I think blurry is a setting on it.

  5. Wow, what a great blog. I am curious on how you got yours noticed. I started one several months ago but it has not gotten noticed yet other than the local ladies from my guild. I am also from NW Indiana. My blog is www.sunflowercross.blogspot.com. Any help in getting noticed would be appreciated. Love your stitching room. I am jealous....

  6. Love your outlook. I put you on my blogroll after the first visit and have been enjoying your posts.

  7. Hi! Just wandered over from Vonna's blog! Great blog and wonderful stitching. Blurry fotos too. That's me. I think we'll get along fine!!

  8. Hello there my woderful and VERY talented sister, you know I love everything you do, HOWEVER, we need to figure something out with that camera!

    I am so glad you finally decided to do a blog, I knew you would enjoy it.

    Crys (Can I please get away from Chrissy? I am 37 after all!)

  9. Great start!

    I love your previous post. I too have never married and have no children (thats not to say I didn't have bf in earlier years) - and I'm quite happy to be as I am now. :)