Jun 7, 2008


Last week I watched the entire Sopranos series from beginning to end. I finished it late Thursday (very heavy sigh), so I had to figure out something to do for Friday night. So I hauled out the girls and started watching Sex and The City from the beginning while stitching a bit on two projects.

The first thing I worked on (for about an hour, I think) was CCN "Garden Girl". I'm working this 2/2 on Platinum Cashel linen. You'll see me working on that linen a lot, since I seem to have developed a new fascination with it and Crescent Colors.

The second piece that I pulled from my WIP basket was Bent Creek's "Spring Snapperland". I've already done winter and summer, so next up was spring. I'm stitching this 2/2 on the prettiest pink linen, which I think is called "For the Cure". Unfortunately, I didn't keep the little tag, or I'd tell you for sure what it is. All I know is that the colors are pretty darn springy, if I do say so myself, and I have Chrissy to thank for changing them up for me.

I spent four and a half hours doing paperwork and bills today (ugh), so I've invited Chrissy over for pizza and some Studio Stitching with Sissy time. Hopefully the boys will behave and we can just kick back and enjoy.

The boys? Stewey is my little guy. Just turned three on May 13. Chrissy's little one is Bosco, and he will be three in September. They are actual cousins, since Bosco's mother Twiggy and Stewey's father Angus were brother and sister. Their last name is Willowswamp, since that is where they came from. I promise more about them and their exploits later, and if I'm really on the ball I'll get some pics posted.

Ciao bella!

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  1. coni, coni, coni, coni!!! Where have you been girlfriend???? I miss hearing from you!!!

    I did get an e-mail from Ruth Ann a month or so back. And, talked at length to Sharon Henderson a couple weeks ago!!

    Awesome blog : ) Welcome to the blogging world : )

    To answer your question, I was hoping to be there in August. Last I heard, it wasn't all set up (yet) Maybe you know more than I.

    Once the details are official, I'll blog about it -- I'll blog A LOT about it.

    I did make mention the Stash Sale to a nice woman from the Homewood Guild. They were planning to take a day trip to House of Stitches and the store in Mishawaka & I am crossing my fingers they choose the Stash Sale date for their day trip.

    Her name is Marjorie & her blog is Moonsilk Stitches

    More soon. HEY -- What is your e-mail??? I don't seem to have it handy??? or, should I just comment here?