Jun 7, 2008


Rather than bore you with pics of every single thing I've ever stitched (in my whole entire life), I am going to attempt a web album. Stay tuned.
I do have, however, two nice little happy dances to share, since I finally decided to get my journal updated. I photograph every piece I finish and then "scrapbook" it with details about the threads I used, the linen, etc.
Now before you go thinking that I truly am the Stitchy Spinster Goddess, you should probably know that the only reason for doing this is that I have about a billion dollars worth of scrapbook crap up here (in Chez Spinster Studio) that I have no use for. I'm not kidding. I don't have a darn thing to scrapbook. So, in the interest of NOT getting frustrated with my prior crazy-a** idea to buy the billion dollars worth of scrapbook stuff, I decided to use it. So there.
The little guy is CCN "Cottage Garden". I stitched it 2/2 on a lovely piece of "African Daisy" linen. The larger piece if LHN "Nature's Beauty", and I stitched this on 2/2 on Platinum Cashel. Yummy.


  1. You're funny ;)
    I have tubs of a good a** idea too...that went totally wrong...
    Good Idea about scrapping your projects like that...maybe I need to steal that idea?!

  2. I'm afraid I'm a card-carrying member of the good a** idea club but I tried one scrapbooking party and I was exhausted. It's just too darn much work to be considered fun. Now scrapping about stitching sounds a little more fun. I just have a journal that I write stuff in and (sometimes) I remember to take a picture but usually the pics just end up on my Webshots. Thanks for the extremely amusing narrative and congrats on the finishes. I'm happy dancin' for you since I never seem to finish anything.