Jun 27, 2008


My mom can't come to her blog right now. She's slumped over in the Happy Chair with a cold cloth on her head. I have no idea what happened exactly, but I think she tried to make a scissor keep again.

It was about 3:00, and I heard her stomp upstairs to the studio muttering something about not letting some silly-ass idea get the best of her. What followed was a string of swear words that I don't think exist in nature. I don't know what any of them mean, but I can tell you they were definitely NOT for prime time TV. I don't think she's been this mad since I peed down the register in the family room and then decided that the drapes needed watering too. Wow. I could almost see the vein throbbing in her neck as I listened to the crashing and slamming that was coming from above.

When the coast was clear, I snapped a few pics for the file. I'm building a case with the ASPCA that this environment is just not amenable to my continued growth as a puppy and that the old lady really needs to be locked up.

Anywhoose, I hope you can make sense of this mess. I certainly can't.

I do know that she stitched on "Garden Girl" from CCN last night. I tried to tell her that she was supposed to be using two strands of floss, but she didn't listen to me until she had to frog the girl out two times. I can't even repeat what she called the poor little thing. Here's more evidence for the file:
She was so mad that she didn't give the poor thing any hair! Or a face! Or arms!
I think I'm going to grab my travel bag and hit the road for Aunt Chrissy's tonight. Even though Mom said we were having pizza and pop for dinner, I don't think I should push her too far....she might blow.
Uh oh...looks like she's coming to! If she catches me on the 'puter again I'm gonna' be grounded FOR SURE! Gotta' go!


  1. Sorry you are having one of those days. Keep on trying, you will get it.

  2. LOL! Stewey is so funny. I was LOLing so hard that my DBF insisted that he read your post.

    I sent you and e-mail tonight...

    Keep on at it, as Christina said, you'll get it eventually!

  3. Please have mercy on Stewey and don't punish him for being on the computer. (Oops - did I just get him in trouble? Perhaps you didn't know.)

  4. Coni, give me a shout at debsroom at citznet dot com and give poor Stewey a break.

  5. Don't worry Stewey mommy will be back to normal very soon....Well untill she trys to finish something else again.

  6. Dear Stewey,

    Sorry to hear about the stressful
    environment that you're having to
    live in. Hope your pet human is
    able to calm down soon and return
    to her normal, balanced, serene
    self. (cough! cough!)

    Keep offering her your love and
    support, and encourage her as
    best you can. It's good for her
    to try her hand at new things.
    And after a bit of trial and ...
    um ... error ... who knows, she
    may even get the hang of it.
    After all, look at all the things she does that she is really good at. (see pictures of Primrose

    Good luck with the computer stuff.
    Don't get caught. I love reading
    your posts.


  7. LOL thanks for the warning Stewey .... we'll come back another day then LOL

  8. Oh poor Stewey! I'm quite familiar with that pitiful look...our dog, Pepper, is rather good at giving that submissive, ears back look...the kind of look that says "if I remain small and quiet and to myself, I won't get yelled at". Pepper is a coward. :-)

  9. Stewey, Stewey, Stewey! It's a good thing that I don't have a pet human as I'd be in deep doodoo for peeing in the computer chair because I was laughing so hard at your post. I look forward to your next post when "she" tries finishing something again! You take care and don't repeat any of those words you heard!

  10. ROFL! Don't worry Stewey, your mommy will go back to "normal" again soon I'm sure.

  11. LOL I'm sitting here in absolute hysterics Stewey. Your life would be very dull and uneventful if you got your human into trouble!!