Jun 24, 2008


It just gets better and better! My mouth waters as I stitch this because of the colors and textures. The outside lattice work is Watercolors and the inside lattice work is in Waterlilies. Just scrumptious to work with on both accounts, and the difference in weight is a wonderful effect.

I don't feel at all guilty for abandoning my rotation this week. This piece had me at hello and I can hardly wait to see it completed!

Now for a big huge APOLOGY to the folks at Heart In Hand. I'm so sorry, but I mentioned that the birds in my slideshow were designed by Bent Creek. They were not. They are from Heart In Hand and I sincerely regret the error.

I also wanted to take a moment to beg forgiveness for not labeling all of the finished projects in my slide show and giving proper credit to the designers. This is definitely a project that is underway and I will get it completed as soon as I can.

Stewey decided to go out and tend to his little garden today, so I better go see what's keeping him. He's still really miffed about the tomato plants, so I suppose I should get out there and help him before he throws more guilt my way.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my - that is so gorgeous. Stunning colours

  2. Such a pretty piece, the colours are superb

  3. Stunning! I'm loving watching you stitch this up.

  4. This is amazing - it's so fun to watch your progress. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!! :)

  5. OH wow, that is just beautiful. I am enjoying watching your progress.