Jun 23, 2008


Oh, I get so overwhelmed by all of your lovely comments! Thank you, and keep 'em coming! They are definitely what the doctor ordered for this poor little wretched soul....

1) PRIMROSE PATH: I have to say that this piece is as fun to work on as any I've done. It's kept me on my toes and is very satisfying as you move from place to place. Methinks I will do more of the "open-work" pieces in Laura's catalogue.

2) CYN: Yes, I have worked with clamps on a table before and I loved them. The birds are from Bent Creek and they were a wonderful way to learn for me. I think I stitched all of them in a row when I was first starting cross stitch. And, yes...good eye! The "Santa Moon" is indeed Pat Thode. I picked up two of her canvases over at City Stitcher in Chicago but had never tried them. Once I did, though, I fell in love and now hope to do more!

3) CHRISSY: Well, this could be a post in itself, but suffice it to say that the reason she is so special to me is that she's all I have left. Both Mom and Dad are gone and Chrissy and I cling together as the remaining members of the little Rich family. She is also special to me because I named her. When Mom was pregnant they told her that she wouldn't carry the baby to term because of a tumor on the kidney, so she and Dad didn't really say anything to me about having a new baby. Mom kept finding all of my toys hidden throughout the house and when she asked me about it I said "God told me I was going to have a baby sister named Chrissy and that I should get ready for her." Well, aside from the crazy shock at having a little maniac for a first-born, Mom figured this might be a good sign. So she went on to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and the resulting success was my fifth birthday present, Christina Louise. (I'm not kidding....I was sitting at the table waiting for my cake when they came in with Chrissy just home from the hospital.) (For the record, I wanted a red wagon.)

4) GUEST ROOM: Yes, you are all welcome to come stay for a visit and paw through the studio. Unfortunately, my guest room is pretty small and only has a queen sized bed. To date, I have received at least 38 requests for a visit, so unless y'all intend to get real friendly-like, you might want to take a number and pace yourselves.

5) DONNA: Your "Amethyst Dreams" in shades of black, white, and grey makes me want to run upstairs and colorize everything I have in this scheme! Simply stunning....I can't wait to see more of it!

Well, that's it for now, kids. I do so appreciate your kind reviews. Please come again real soon!


  1. Beautiful story about your sister. And you are not wretched! How could you be? Offering to share your wonderful studio and guest room with us! (Beware! By the end of the week I will actually be living close enough to drive down for a visit!)

  2. Hi Coni,

    Re: Guest room overcrowding....
    It's okay. I'm a people person!!

    Your post about your sister teaching Moriah how to stitch
    was so sweet. What a wonderful thing to do. The child sounds
    like she's a natural.

    Love seeing your progress on Primrose Path. I've never seen anything like this before. The colours are gorgeous!!


  3. I have this vision of 38 ladies turning up on your doorstep with there bags, their Ottlites, their stitching totes etc. What fun!

    Nice story about Chrissy - does she have a blog - we need to know what she says about you! I am sure it's only nice things.

  4. Wow. You are really moving along the Primrose Path! And it's so pretty it's no wonder you can't resist it.