Jun 26, 2008


When I sit in the Happy Chair to stitch each evening, Stewey lays beside me and gets his beauty sleep. Charles Schultz had it right....happiness is definitely a warm puppy. Have I mentioned that Stewey has soft downy fur? It's like sitting next to a little mink coat.
The lattice work on "Primrose Path" is complete, and I started to add the smyrna crosses at the intersections. I have to admit that this piece has a lot more BLING than I expected, but I'm still loving it anyway. I suppose that when I'm 99 and have my lipstick drawn up to my nostrils I'll think this is too tame, but hey, a diva's gotta' start someplace, right?
I'm thinking about picking up a cross stitch today. I'm not bored with "Primrose" just yet, but I seem to have a hankering to have some linen in my hand. And since I'm not exactly the type to go get dressed in a lovely linen dress and sip tea on the veranda, I might as well grab a 28 or 32 count and go to town.
We're having a case of the uggies here today....very warm and muggy. So methinks it would be wise to grab a cold bevvie, hit the Happy Chair and just settle in for the duration. I should do laundry, but I think I'll do my part for the environment and save and gas, water, and electricity.
Ciao for now!


  1. Uggies up there too?! Well let me tell you we're swimming in soup down here...hot, humid...totally STINKS! A brew and the happy chair sounds good to me...sadly I can't miss laundry day because that would mean we'd have to start Febreez -ing our underwear! LOL!

  2. We're pretty uggie hear, as well. Love your Primrose Path! I'm feeling the need to have a new canvas piece...

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to see a new face.

  4. Primrose Path is gorgeous - makes me want to stray from linen and have a go!

  5. I am absolutely in love with this Promrose Path CJ, it is beautiful!!
    Keep up the great work, and if you ever find this piece missing, it's in LaPorte at my house!! Boombatz

  6. I think everyone had the Uggies today. It's just muggy and nasty here today. I'm just waiting for the rain to (hopefully) cool everything off.

    Stewey is a cutie. At least he doesn't try and go after your floss like a cat would. :)

  7. Hi Coni,

    Your Primrose Path is beautiful!!
    Is it stitched with the same type
    of thread that we use for cross-

    Stewey does look quite fuzzy in
    the picture that you posted. I
    have my own purr machine here
    with me as I blog. Gotta watch
    that she doesn't erase my post,
    or add her own comments.

    It was quite warm here today,
    and some pop up thunderstorms
    caused a bit of concern for a
    while, but the uggies have stayed
    away for now. But theres always


  8. What an adorable photo of sweet little Stewey.

    Is he named after the little football-shaped-head kid on Family Guy? I love that kid!



  9. Your Primrose is just beautiful. Your little buddy looks very comfy and cozy.