Feb 12, 2024


Today is a double-dipper for me with EGA South Bend this morning and EGA Elkhart tonight! I confess that hauling my heiney out of bed this morning was quite a task, but once I was showered and kinda dressed, everything was on the upswing from there. 

I was able to enjoy a bit of stitching with my Guilders, and then return and borrow a new stack of library books, and now I'm home with a nice big cold brew for a few hours until it's time to head out again. Hopefully we'll get another walkabout in the sunshine, and I'll be able to enjoy a nice grilled chicken salad to make the day perfectly complete in every way.

Big-Hearted Tiny Town continues. I am fairly certain that I can finish this up this afternoon, this evening, or tomorrow....just in time for V-Day. I have absolutely no idea what will jump onto the q-snaps next, but methinks I might play with a little canvaswork or a painted canvas or...who knows? As long as I can kit it all up with a fancy bag and bling it all up like a Vegas showgirl, I'll be tickled pink!

What's new in your little corner of the world? 


  1. I finally saw robins in a group this afternoon! This makes sense, as they're predicting Yet Another Storm of the Century to hit the northeast.
    Happy to hear JB is making progress with his recovery.
    - Kathy P in Pittsburgh

  2. It sounds like you had a blissful Monday with the double dipping with guilds, Coni. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Wow, you're flying along on Tiny Town! Very cool having 2 guilds you can get to in one day, color me a bit jealous.
    Fantastic that JB got the stairs handled for the first time. Golf season is rapidly approaching, he needs to get ready for it.
    New in my world - not much really. I did get the quilt on the frame and the first pass quilted. Ten more to go.