Nov 11, 2022


Hello, Dearies!

I'm enjoying my first hot cup of damn good under one of my Snoopy blankets, and trying not to pay attention to all of the shoulds in my tiny little brain. I have a little less than twenty-four hours of being completely inert, and I think I'm going to enjoy them.

I completed another full season of the damn Housewives last night...this time Beverly Hills...and I'm all done now. It's back to The Crown and Downton Abbey I go. The distraction was fine for a minute, but three or four days of that really does one's brain in a bit, so it's best to indulge in very small and infrequent doses (in my humble opinion).

Laundry does need to be done, but just a few loads of odds and ends, and they can splosh while I finish reading the paper. As for all of those other projects I had hoped to complete these last two weeks....well, they'll just have to wait for a nice long snowy Saturday while JB watches his football and I'm twitching for something to do.

Happy Friday, my friends. I hope your weekend is exactly what you want it to be! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I'm envious of all your stitching time! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. I have no idea what the weekend will be. Perhaps GD duty for a bit. Year-end finance thoughts. Some cleaning. Hopefully some stitching or sewing that's not mending. Plugging in the heated water bowl for sure, since it will be in the 30s for highs the next week. And...oh no! Highs in the upper 20s next Thursday & Friday?!?!? Eeek not ready for that!

  3. Enjoy your stitching, your damned good, and whatever else strikes your fancy, Coni!

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