Oct 7, 2022


Today she would have been 89. There isn't one single part of my brain that can imagine that, since she was only 54 when she died. I'm thinking about her today, and hoping that I have just a spec of her wonderfulness in me. She was elegant and smart and yet somehow very very funny and warm and goofy all at once. My friends remember that she made the very best sandwiches, my sister honors her with her little etsy shop, and Rich, I'm sure, would have adored her.

If your mom is near, hug her close today. If, like mine, she's passed on, know that you will be in my prayers today that your own memories are giving you comfort. Do something lovely and come tell me all about it!


  1. Bless your heart.... your Mom sounds like a treasure and you
    honor her through your life of courage, creativity and compassion. Hope you and Mr. Jersey have a great weekend.

  2. My mother is 91 and beautiful I thank the LORD for her everyday

  3. When my mother was 64 she went on holiday to Europe, having inherited some money: not a lot, but she felt she needed a break. We kept getting letters - no facebook, no mobile phones even - and she was fine. One night, I didn't sleep at all, and I always do. The next night, the same. I wasn't sick or anxious; I just felt relaxed and loved. Then on Sunday night I took a pill because I didn't want to go to work after three sleepless nights. That Monday I got a phone call from the travel agent: my mother had been hospitalised on the Friday and had died, in a coma and an Italian hospital, on the Sunday night. I am and have always been absolutely certain that she was spending time with me before she died. Nothing else makes sense. She was, and somewhere still is, remarkable. Perhaps she and your mother have made friends? I think they'd get on very well.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom.
    My Mom will be gone 30 years this month.
    I miss her everyday.

  5. Coni, thank you for sharing bits of your Mom with us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. 54 is so young! My mom died just short of two years ago at 81 and I think of her and dad every day. I'm so sorry you didn't have your mom longer.