Aug 8, 2022


Good morning, Dearies!

For reasons beyond my understanding, I am awake, showered, caffeinated, and ready for the day. My sleeping time has been sporadic and troubled lately, but that is a known side effect of my meds, so I deal with it by remembering that I have the luxury of napping during the day, and I get on with it.

Today, I will make a visit to the lovely Ms Gordanna, who will look closely at my face and then wrangle my eyebrows into submission. I've been trying very hard to get my complexion in order, and I found Gordanna at the dermatologist's office (of all places). With any luck, I'll resemble a human woman by the time she's done with me, and not the feral creature that peers out from the mirror each day.

Laundry today, with lots of stitching and paperwork and bill-paying, I think. I have to sort through all of my meds and get refills updated and ordered, and then sit in my chair shaking my head over the cost of it all. Who would have ever thought that my "luxury splurge" purchases would be medicine? 😳

Happy Monday to one and all! I hope that your weekend was everything you wanted it to be, and that the week ahead will be full of adventures!



  1. I'm glad you're feeling better after that protein shake episode. Bummer on the sleep, but yes, naps are good. So thankful I'm not on any medications. Yet.

  2. The pampering appointment will make you feel better than all the pills, well, sorta'. Post a picture of the results, we love to see your smile!!

  3. My cat is doing his best to keep me on my normal work schedule. He knows he gets shrimp treats when I sit down with my iced coffee, and he wants them! Got me up @ 6:30 today. After treats & caffeine, I cleaned our filthy kitchen, started a load of laundry & went to PT. My trainer added new exercises that didn't feel like a workout until I sat down a few minutes. Now I'm home with ice on the knee & ice cream at hand.

    Sorry to hear about the protein shake fiasco! Enjoy your pampering session and stitchy time.

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