Jul 20, 2022



Rich arrived on the Amtrak this morning, and after fetching him from the station, I am home and ready for a nice quiet (and cool) day inside. Like every where else on the planet, it's positively beastly outside, so a/c and ice water are going to be my best buddies today!

Date night tonight...we're going to see Psycho over at Notre Dame "on the big screen", which Rich has looked forward to for about a month. I think this is part of the film series that we enjoyed a few years ago, so both the lecture before and the Q&A after should be very interesting,

Well, Dearies, I hope this finds you well and happy. If you're being affected by this heat, please take care and keep yourself safe!


  1. It’s hot and humid here in Toronto, so my sweetie drove me to a mall for my 30 minutes of walking! 3 laps, about 1,000 steps each, 10 minutes per lap. And I feel virtuous!

  2. We are currently under a heat warning until Sunday. Lots of popsicles for the kiddos and iced coffee/tea/water for me. Hope you had a lovely date night!

  3. Iowa is hot and humid, but compared to other places, I won't complain. Not *too* much anyway. I'm ignoring the weeding for a few days, and working on inside things that have been ignored due to weeding. Hopefully some stitching will be accomplished also.
    I've never seen Psycho on the big screen, small screen is quite creepy enough thank you, though I'd probably like the discussion sessions. I hope you and Rich had a great time!

  4. Glad JB is back! Hope you enjoyed your evening out!